SQL Server Connector Update

Hello Folks,

Back when we announced Key Vault preview, we also announced availability of a preview version of SQL Server Connector. Many of you have been using SQL Server Connector and have provided us valuable feedback. Thank you!

For those new to this blog, The SQL Server Connector enables SQL Server encryption at rest scenarios including Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Column Level Encryption (CLE) and Encrypted Backup to leverage the Azure Key Vault service as an Extensible Key Management (EKM) provider to protect its encryption keys.

We have incorporated your feedback and have also added new features in the latest version. This version also uses the latest version of Key Vault REST API (2015-06-1). As a reminder, the "-preview" versions of Key Vault REST API will be discontinued on September 30, 2015. If you are using SQL Connector, please download and switch to the latest version as soon as possible. Download the latest version from the Microsoft Download Center link for the Connector.

Here's what is new in this version of SQL Server Connector:

  • Switched to using latest (2015-06-01) Key Vault REST API version
  • Bug fixes
    • Errors in opening the key in the Key Vault using CREATE ASYMMETRIC KEY due to failed cache entries in the Connector resulting in Provider Error: 2050 and Provider Error: 1 in different situations
    • Failures in Key Vault operations (eg. CREATE ASYMMETRIC KEY) using the Connector due to failures in validating the Key Vault service certificate resulting in Provider Error: 2053
    • Azure AD Authentication failure for SQL Server during CREATE ASYMMETRIC KEY operation due to multiple credentials associated with the SQL Server Login resulting in Provider Error: 2050
  • New features
    • Improvements in diagnostic event logging to log underlying errors in more detail
    • Added resiliency for transient failures in Key Vault operations using the Connector

Thank you for your feedback and continued engagement.

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Dan (twitter) on behalf of the Azure Key Vault Team

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