How to PROPERLY gather traces for Calendaring issues, including ExTra

To enable server side logging for an Organizer & Attendee(s), do the following:   1.Open Exchange Management Shell on the Organizer’s mailbox server. – you can use Start > Run to do this btw (by the way) a. The RUN box can be opened via Windows keyboard shortcuts as well – b. And it…

Procdump: How to PROPERLY gather dump (.dmp) files for crashes and hangs, CPU spikes, etc, including gathering PERF data, for Exchange issues

Is your application crashing or hanging? Need to know why?   Well, prodcump may be able to help you.  Procdump is the newest thing around! You might remember adplus (eww!), well now its all about the Procdump! Procdump allows us to “dump” the contents of the memory at the time (hopefully) that the “issue” occurs….