Remove mailbox of disabled AD user accounts

A downloadable copy of the script is available here.   So…for my latest scripting foray, I came up with a little script to do the following: Find all User accounts that have a SamAccountName that matches a particular filter, and that DO NOT have their passwords set to Never Expire (so we don’t hit service…


ActiveSync Reporting with PowerShell – Users with a partnership and a list of their devices

  This script was used by a colleague to gather information for licensing purposes. Since users can have more than one device partnership (which means its a multivalued attribute), and a user (in 2010, at least) can have a maximum of 10 partnerships, it was necessary to parse through that value so that we could…


Controlling Outlook Autodiscover behavior

It has come to my attention recently that there is still a lot of confusion around Autodiscover, Outlook, and the way the two interact with one another. I’d like to try to clear some of that up by consolidating some of the information that I recently used to assist some of my own customers. Hopefully…


Recommended Changes and Tweaks for Exchange Servers in an Enterprise Environment (whew!)

Wow, that was a mouthful!!! For my latest project, I decided to try to put together a list of various tweaks that I recommend for Enterprise environments that run Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 x64 or higher. Please remember that these are RECOMMENDATIONS, not hard and fast guidelines! YMMV, please test these yourself, etc. The main goal…


Windows 8 devices fail to Sync with Microsoft Exchange with 86000C2A, 8600C2B, 86000C29 Error (or similar) after an ActiveSync Mailbox Policy is applied

Having trouble creating an ActiveSync Mailbox Policy to support your shiny new Windows Phone or Surface devices without checking the dreaded “AllowNonProvisionableDevices” setting? Well, let’s see if I can help you out! While it is documented that Windows devices only “support” certain policy settings: There are SOME settings that can be configured that…


IIS7 Primer for Non IIS Gurus (Originally written for Exchange engineers)

  IIS 7 Primer (for those accustomed to IIS 6) This “Primer” was condensed down from a week long IIS 7 class that I had the privilege of attending, which was delivered by Patty Stoy. You rock Patty! Laura LaFleur assisted with development of this content. Thanks Laura! And a BIG thank you to Courtney…


How to PROPERLY gather traces for Calendaring issues, including ExTra

To enable server side logging for an Organizer & Attendee(s), do the following:   1.Open Exchange Management Shell on the Organizer’s mailbox server. – you can use Start > Run to do this btw (by the way) a. The RUN box can be opened via Windows keyboard shortcuts as well – b. And it…


Procdump: How to PROPERLY gather dump (.dmp) files for crashes and hangs, CPU spikes, etc, including gathering PERF data, for Exchange issues

Is your application crashing or hanging? Need to know why?   Well, prodcump may be able to help you.  Procdump is the newest thing around! You might remember adplus (eww!), well now its all about the Procdump! Procdump allows us to “dump” the contents of the memory at the time (hopefully) that the “issue” occurs….


The case of Outlook Autodiscover and Error 0x80072ee4

I had a customer who was having issues with a certain subset of Windows 7 machines. The issue presented itself as “users are unable to set out of office (otherwise known as oof) settings from within Outlook”. Upon syncing up with the client, I had them do a quick test to see if we could…