How To: Change mailbox quota based on current value

This turns out to be somewhat tricky unless you experiment quite a lot with the values and operators, therefore I’m posting the quick solution here for those of you that (like me) like to find what you search for… :o) If you use the Get-Mailbox cmdlet without parameters you will get all mailboxes listed in…


How To: Bulk creation of AD users and Exchange mailboxes

Over the past couple of months I have worked on more than one project where the customer wanted to create a new forest for the new Exchange 2007 installation. Normally you would migrate users from the old domain(s) with ADMT or another product but in these cases brand new user accounts and mailboxes were desired….


Troubleshoot: Why are call notifications and voice mails not showing on my Tanjay?

If you have a Office Communicator Phone Edition (aka. Tanjay) device, you might be wondering why your incoming, outgoing and missed calls as well as voice mails are not showing up in the lists on the device. For the integration to work, the Tanjay needs to access your mailbox and for this to work it…


How To: Build an OCS and UM lab with phone integration

To quickly set up a lab for testing phone integration you need at least three servers for OCS and Exchange roles. One additional server is needed for Active Directory and Certificate Authority. I would recommend using a 64-bit machine installed with Windows Server 2003 x64 and Virtual Server 2005 R2. Virtual Server can then host…