Exchange Transport Rule TIP

Let’s suppose some admin want to turn off NRN(Not-read Notification) outside their org.

I would like to introduct one workaround for this.

First of all , we need to check below header concept.


When an Exchange 2000 Server or an Exchange Server 2003 recipient sends a message that contains a read receipt request to a recipient hosted on an Exchange Server 5.5 computer, the Exchange 2000 Server computer or the Exchange Server 2003 computer formats the read receipt as Disposition-Notification-To , which Exchange Server 5.5 cannot interpret.

I applied to above concept in Transport rules

OK, see below scenario.

External domain ----Read Receipt message-> Exchange 2007 domain.

I don’t want to send NRN to External domain when deleting that message with above property from external domain

I made below rule in exchange 2007.





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