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IT Camp: The Future of IT

Being What's Next in IT
The year 2012 is an exciting one for IT professionals, and it's a banner year for Microsoft. We've got valuable new products and solutions on the horizon, such as System Center 2012 and Windows Server 8, and we're developing fresh, innovative ways to help you manage your infrastructure.

Gearing up for the Future (Camp Part 1)
You've probably heard Microsoft's new slogan: "Be What's Next." For IT pros, however, it can be tough to simply keep up with what's happening today. Maybe you'd like to replace older versions of server operating systems and technologies, but you're losing sleep over the potential service disruptions.

In this session, we'll look at migration technologies that will help you transition to the latest versions of our solutions and take full advantage of Windows Server 2008. You'll also get a chance to play and tinker with these useful technologies. Making the transition to current products isn't always easy, but we have ways to help you get there – and get you ready for the future of IT and business productivity.

The Future is Sooner Than You Think (Camp Part 2)
Now that you're ready for what's next, aren't you eager to see it in greater detail? There's a new wave of IT organizations and professionals who are moving closer to true cloud computing. At the same time, many of us are still wondering how the cloud fits our IT environment, or how it will benefit our businesses.

In this camp session, we'll explore the future of the cloud. Together, we'll discover what System Center 2012 will bring to IT organizations – both in overall manageability and support for private, public and hybrid clouds. We'll also introduce and demonstrate the next version of Windows Server (codename Windows Server 8).

Do not fear death by PowerPoint. The IT Camp format is fun, lively, and interactive. It's much more than just a presentation – and to make the most of the day, we highly encourage you to bring your own laptop. For recommended system specs, click on the city nearest you.

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clip_image002[2]Des Moines, IA

clip_image002[3]Mar. 21

clip_image002[4]Des Moines, IA

clip_image002[5]Mar. 22

clip_image002[6]Madison, WI

clip_image002[7]Mar. 28

clip_image002[8]Milwaukee WI

clip_image002[9]Apr. 4

clip_image002[10]Milwaukee WI

clip_image002[11]Apr. 5

clip_image002[12]Detroit, MI

clip_image002[13]Apr. 12

clip_image002[14]Downers Grove, IL

clip_image002[15]Apr. 17

clip_image002[16]Omaha, NE

clip_image002[17]Apr. 19

clip_image002[18]Minneapolis, MN

clip_image002[19]Apr. 23

clip_image002[20]Columbus, OH

clip_image002[21]Apr. 24

clip_image002[22]Minneapolis, MN

clip_image002[23]Apr. 30

clip_image002[24]Houston, TX

clip_image002[25]May 3

clip_image002[26]Houston, TX

clip_image002[27]May 4

clip_image002[28]Dallas, TX

clip_image002[29]May 7

clip_image002[30]Dallas, TX

clip_image002[31]May 8

clip_image002[32]Kansas City, KS

clip_image002[33]May 8

clip_image002[34]Kansas City, KS

clip_image002[35]May 9

clip_image002[36]Austin, TX

clip_image002[37]May 10

clip_image002[38]Saint Louis, MO

clip_image002[39]May 10

clip_image002[40]Indiana, IN

clip_image002[41]May 10

clip_image002[42]Austin, TX

clip_image002[43]May 11

clip_image002[44]Saint Louis, MO

clip_image002[45]May 11

clip_image002[46]Cincinnati, OH

clip_image002[47]May 17

clip_image002[48]Chicago, IL

clip_image002[49]May 18

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