All You Ever Wanted To Know About Dynamic Memory

Hyper-V Question of the Day:

Q: My customer has questions about Dynamic Memory such as:

· What is Dynamic Memory? What problems does it solve?

· Is Dynamic Memory good for Servers and VDI?

· How does it compare to VMware’s Overcommit?

· How does Dynamic Memory work?

A: Here are the links to a six part series titled Dynamic Memory Coming To Hyper-V and an article detailing 40% greater virtual machine density with DM.

Part 1: Dynamic Memory announcement. This blog announces the new Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V R2 SP1. It also discussed the explicit requirements that we received from our customers.

Part 2: Capacity Planning from a Memory Standpoint. This blog discusses the difficulties behind the deceptively simple question, “how much memory does this workload require?” Examines what issues our customers face with regard to memory capacity planning and why.

Part 3: Page Sharing. A deep dive into the importance of the TLB, large memory pages, how page sharing works, SuperFetch and more. If you’re looking for the reasons why we haven’t invested in Page Sharing this is the blog.

Part 4: Page Sharing Follow-Up. Questions answered about Page Sharing and ASLR and other factors to its efficacy.

Part 5: Second Level Paging. What it is, why you really want to avoid this in a virtualized environment and the performance impact it can have.

Part 6: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory. What it is, what each of the per virtual machine settings do in depth and how this all ties together with our customer requirements.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Density. An in depth test of Hyper-V Dynamic Memory easily achieving 40% greater density.

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