Hello Kirti moving to MSDN

MSDN is the right location for this blog since it is targeted towards developers. It was a mistake on my part to create it on Technet. Apparently my actions are irreversible though. Since MSDN and Technet blogs do not have any blog migration story(no web service wrappers for the blogml support) I am supposed to…


Community Contributions in Toolkit release 10920

When I wrote my previous blog post I was in a rush to make the release announcement because we had a lot of users waiting eagerly for it. But I did not get a chance to thank our users who contributed patches to the Toolkit and made the release a success. I would like to…


Toolkit Release 10920

This has been a long awaited release and has lots of important bug fixes. We were unable to get the Test Framework ready in time and hope to get that out later. The release notes talk about it in detail at this new sample website location. The binaries can be downloaded from the Toolkit Release page….


SlideShow navigation

I have written a simple example that uses the SlideShow extender and demonstrates some of its cool features. The sample… provides additional context to the user by showing the previous and next slides by hooking into the ‘slideChanging’ event that SlideShow exposes. and it uses the images as navigation buttons to avoid overwhelming the user with too…


Toolkit showcase

We are compiling a list of websites to showcase on the Toolkit page that is a part of the ASP.NET website. Details on how the page will end up looking like have not been fleshed out yet. Just like this ASP.NET AJAX showcase displays interesting websites built on top of ASP.NET AJAX, we would like to…


Toolkit update

It has been a while since we released so we would like to update our users with the latest happenings in the Toolkit world. Our next release is scheduled to be around the 14th of September. What will it include?  New test framework and tests: It will include a new testing framework and wrappers for Toolkit…


Toolkit support for .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 Beta2

The next wave of Visual Studio products coming out from the Developer Division in Microsoft promises a richer development experience than its predecessors. Features that deserve special mention since they are particularly relevant to the Toolkit are Javascript intellisense and ASP.NET AJAX Extender designer support. The Beta 2 version went out of the door today…


How to make localization in the Toolkit work for you?

FAQ # …: Why does the Toolkit add resources binaries to a website’s bin directory? To explain the motivation behind this I have put up a wiki on our CodePlex site that details how to make the most of the Localization features without getting overwhelmed by the language resource binaries. We believe that the defaults…


Lather, rinse and release

We had a Toolkit release last week and our product support medium, the forums, gave us instant feedback. So what happens when issues in the Toolkit prevent our customers from taking full advantage of it and block their core scenarios? We do not have service packs delivered 3 months after we release; that is way…


Mind your language!

The Toolkit supports localization since the 10301 release. The work involved included basic infrastructure and translations for the string “Today” used by the Calendar control in 14 languages. With the Toolkit Patching Utility in place we are receiving help from the community in translating the rest of the strings used by the Toolkit. We have added support for two…