Known Lock Screen issues with Creator’s Update (1703)

There are two open issues with Lock screen setting on Windows 10 Enterprise build 1703 (Creator’s Update)


The first is with the Group Policy setting “Force a specific default lock screen image” under

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Personalization

In many cases trying to enabled, change or update this doesn’t appear to work for new or existing users in the environment.

This will happen if “Prevent changing lock screen and logon image” policy is also enabled.

One of the key indicators of this is when you see the desired lock screen image in Settings under Lock screen as the preview but the controls to change are greyed out.


Many people have sent me that screen shot and said – “See, that’s the image I want to appear!” not noting that since its greyed out it also means the “Prevent” lock screen is in play.  When Prevent is disabled it should look like this:



This issue is fixed in beta builds and an update will be rolled into a monthly cumulative update soon.

The workaround is to set “Prevent” to Disabled or Not Configured, apply that change and then make the desired updates to “Force”.  If there are still issues with Force at this point, test applying it in an OU that blocks inheritance for all other polices to confirm there isn’t something else in play.Â

The “Force” policy does work by default, with no other policies enabled.

Which means if it still fails to apply after “Prevent” is Not Enabled, we need to investigate that behavior.




The second issue is when Animate settings are changed on the system, the Lock Screen will be black. The time and other text will appear normally, the lock screen with work normally, users will just see black instead of the desired picture.

The setting specifically, under Advance System Settings, Settings under Performance – Animate window minimizing and maximizing is unchecked.


Or when the policy “Do not allow Windows animations” is enabled under

Computer Configuration\Windows Components\Desktop Windows Manager


The workaround for this one is to not enable the policy or uncheck the setting.

This issue was present in 1607 and fixed with the last February Cumulative update but the issue seems to have returned in 1703 and we’re currently investigating it.


I’ll post updates once new information is available.

If you do see issues with lock screen please confirm you’re not running into these two and let us know by filing an issue with exact repro steps through Feedback Hub.

Hope that helps!

Comments (9)

  1. HelgeKlein says:

    One incarnation of the black lock screen is well documented on my blog:

    The root cause is Citrix Receiver calling SystemParametersInfo with SPI_SETANIMATION.

  2. HPO says:

    Hi Kimberj,

    The lock screen doesn’t apply even with the changes you mentioned above.

    1. Is this Enterprise or Pro and do you see the preview correctly in the Settings app or no change in Settings?

      1. Jeremy D says:

        I’m seeing this on the Education version of 1703. I’ve reverted the policies you mentioned and the lock screen still doesn’t force to the image I specified.

  3. Drew A says:

    All of our 1703 computers are having “Issue 1” I cant get it to work on any of them, using an Enterprise sku and attempted the workaround.

    1. If you put a system in an OU that blocks all policies, and test just setting the “Force” group policy, does that work? I’m hearing reports of additional issue(s) but have not gotten clear repro steps. Blocking all and setting it on the machine locally will clear out any other possible GP issues. If it works locally but fails again when back in a normal OU there’s likely another GP in play. I’d love to hear if that helps narrow down the issue.

      1. Drew A says:


        We have some enforced policies that I cant disable (and those have nothing to do with personalization), but I placed the user and computer in an ou with block inheritance enabled. I did a gpupdate /force on an existing user, no change. I logged off of that user, logged on as a new user (new to the computer) that user received the proper lock screen. Please note I did not test this with the same user prior to making the new OU and test GPO. Thing is this working for new profiles is great, but I’m looking to push the 1703 update to my general population very soon, and since we are in advertising this is probably going to delay the deployment since we are very brand oriented. Thanks for your help.

  4. Matt Gailer says:

    I only have the “Force a specific default lock screen and logon image” enabled (using an image that is local, not a UNC path) and I have the issue. This worked fine on build 1607, and worked fine on machines that were in-place upgraded from 1607 to 1703. It’s only fresh builds that are doing this. Oddly enough, on occasions it works as expected. But mostly it is failing.

    1. For the issues that occur without having “Prevent” enabled – is there any change in behavior between an existing user and a brand new local user account on the machine?

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