Why W8? Falling in love with a song. Everywhere.

I was lucky enough to be graciously invited to join a friend of mine to the Kellogg’s Gymnastics Tour that visited Charlotte this past Friday.  It was a fantastic show of strength, dexterity, control and grace… all of which I’m even more envious of than usual, having broken my ankle earlier this month.  The women and men put on a visually interesting presentation, all of it set to great get you movin music.  Most of the songs were very familiar top 40 pop, but there was one song that I had not heard before. 

The men (Hello, Nurse!) were on the high bars and the song that played fit their easy (re: graceful and fluid) rotations.  While watching and listening I grabbed the Windows Phone 7 and hit the Bing  – Music icon.  I had it listen and in a few seconds I had the song. Sail by Awolnation.

That night I was playing with my fresh out of the box Surface and hit Xbox Music and typed in Sail.  It was the first song on the list.  For fun I used my Xbox points to buy and download the music and in seconds it was local to the Surface.


With Xbox Music I can stream the song from my phone, Surface and PC and I don’t have to buy it multiple times, re-download it, copy or move it. All good stuff.

This is where it gets Crazy Cool – I promise.

I was playing around with my main computer and noticed that I had a Play To option on video, pictures etc.  (As I mentioned before I don’t read manuals, I discover things as I go)

I grabbed the Surface, right clicked Sail and said Play To Xbox 360… and heard music awesome play from my living room.




I tested this Play To with a picture I had taken at the event, and then some videos that I had stored on my system.  I think SmartGlass is pretty neat, Xbox music is great improvement to Zune. But this minor, easily overlooked, Play To option is geeky cool.

Song love: born on my WinPhone7 –>  Bing song recognition –>Xbox music pass allowing streaming on multiple machines, purchase and download –> Play To and  ->a Xbox hooked to a nice set of speakers.


Oh Yea.

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