Potato …Tomato… what’s the difference?


I've been asked several times in the past week "Why didn't this Update get installed on my system?"  Which highlights a common problem we run into when troubleshooting…. English.


We have so many words for the same thing, add onto that slang, and on top of that, acronyms and made-up technobabble.  How many people know what you're talking about if you say Flux Capacitor or Heisenberg Compensator? (points if you do!)


But when it comes to troubleshooting we cannot just use the word  "Update"  It's too generic.  Or "patch" or… well you get the point.  We have security updates, which are offered on Windows Update.  These updates are vital to the security and stability of the system and  affect the operating system in general.  Then we have hotfixes which are not available on Windows Update.  They are for specific issues (non security related) on the operating system in certain situations.  Meaning not everyone will run into this problem -> only if you use X and Y on product  Z.  We have roll-up and service packs.  Roll-ups will typically put all the security updates in one larger package.  Service packs do the same and may also add functionality or features. 


Windows Update will keep your system current.  It will offer the security updates, roll ups and service packs.  If everything is current there and there is still a specific and consistent issue then is the time to check out the knowledge base and see if we have a hotfix for it…. Even if it is a strange series of events (pat your head, rub your tummy and tap dance type of strange) check it out.  I'll admit that even I've been bitten lately on not checking for hotfixes right away only to find a bit later the magic fix was there all the time.

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