Determining the cause of FCS client performance issues

Realistically this process should work for other AV clients as well but I’m doing it in the context of the one I support.  Although it isn’t extremely common we do run into scenarios where customer has issues with the FCS client taking up large amounts of CPU on a system.  Sometimes it is constant and…


Some Interesting FCS SQL Queries

With a recent case I have an issue where the client count of managed computers in MOM admin console was quite different then that in the FCS console so I was trying to find out exactly which computers were not in FCS so I could troubleshoot some of those more effectively.  The first thing I…


Changes to Microsoft Anti-Malware

This doesn’t really affect the FCS world but it is an interesting development. apparently we are going to begin to offer a no-cost anti-malware solution in 2nd half of 2008.  This is going to be more targeted at the end-user market it appears from the look of it.  Check out the article for an…


FCS .adm settings

I’m not really advocating using this and I can’t take credit for this as it was  posted on the FCS forums by a “lofty10”.  However I do know that many people are looking for something like this to manage FCS clients that do not have an FCS server infrastructure for whatever reason.  Just remember that…


FCS Intervals

So you’ve seen the following options with your FCS settings and are wondering how do these work??? Malware Scanning  “Run a Quick Scan at set interval (hours):” Security state assessment “Scan at set interval (hours):” Malware Definition Updates “Check for updates at set interval (hours):” We had a customer recently ask about this as they…


FCS and System Center Essentials

Just found this posting on the SCE forums regarding integration of SCE and FCS: is the link,  The text is below from the forum posting:   Question 16:  Can I use Essentials 2007 and Forefront Client Security to manage the same computers?   Yes.  Please read through these configuration steps to understand how to use both…



So Forefront Client Security SP1 is out now.  To download it go to the Microsoft Update Catalog and search for “Forefront Client Security SP1” this will allow you to download it.  Here is the KB Here are the release notes