FCS .adm settings

I’m not really advocating using this and I can’t take credit for this as it was  posted on the FCS forums by a “lofty10”.  However I do know that many people are looking for something like this to manage FCS clients that do not have an FCS server infrastructure for whatever reason.  Just remember that you get no reporting whatsoever doing this but you can at least control some scan/update intervals and exclusions.  I have the .adm located on my SkyDrive at the following link.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is now an end user created Forefront Client Security v1 Group Policy Object (GPO) available for use for setting Forefront Client settings without a back-end management server involved. Most commonly called a ‘/nomom’ installation because the clien

  2. Dana Bessey says:

    I inherited 3 years of FF and I am hating every moment of it coming from and ESET environment, We cannot afford a full SQL Server license so I have no management of FF, I wish there was a hack to use SQL Express or any other DB for that matter.  I see the ADM here but I’d want to obviously be careful with GP, could you provide a step by step implementation including removal process, just in case.



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