So you went and hosed up SQL Reporting Services by Removing OpsMgr Reporting…

So maybe I am the only one that has done this, but I have been dumb enough to now have done this twice so maybe there is someone else out there that is as 'smart' as I am!  In my demo environment, I have an OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RMS on a W03 SP2 server with the Operations DB, Report DB, and ACS DB located on a remote W08 server with SQL 2005 SP2.  SQL 2005 Report Services is also located on the W08 server as well.  The problem?  Well, I have found that if you suffer some type of corruption in your OperationsDW (I suffered a power outage in my environment which somehow put the OperationsDW in a Suspect state.  And no, of course I did not have a backup of the DB!!!) DB and/or have a reason to re-install OpsMgr Reporting, the act of uninstalling OpsMgr Reporting renders the instance of SRS unusable - you will continually get errors if you try to re-configure/reset SRS back to a usable state and therefore are SOL if you wish to re-install OpsMgr Reporting on this instance.  The following are some of the symptoms I have observed:

  • After uninstalling OpsMgr Reporting, you will get errors when trying to navigate to http://server/reports or http://server/reportserver
  • The Application Event Log on the SRS server may have entries with event id 18456 saying that "login failed for user...".

Basically, the fix for me was the following:

  • Stop the SRS service
  • Stop the IIS service
  • Delete the OperationsDW, Reports, and other associated TEMP DB's
  • Delete the Reports and ReportServer virtual directories via the IIS Manager
  • Start SRS
  • Start IIS
  • Fire up the Reporting Services Configuration Tool
  • Connect to the SRS Instance
  • Click Web Service Identity Select 'Classic .NET AppPool' for both Reports and ReportServer (you will have to re-create these as you blew them away in the previous step).
  • Create a new Report DB
  • ***This is what screwed me up - seems that somehow the Rsreportserver.config file gets corrupted somehow.  Go to \program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSSQL.X\Reporting Services\ReportServer and restore one of the previous versions of this file (should have a .0 or .1 appended to it).
  • Proceed and follow all instructions in KB938245 in the section titled "How to configure the Report Web Service or Report Manager to use an application pool that runs under a domain account"
  • ***For me, one of the registry keys that they tell you to modify did not exist - I simply created it and modified to use my domain account and this seemed to work

You should then be able to go to http://server/reports or http://reportserver without error now...  Therefore, you should ten be able to re-install OpsMgr Reporting.

Oh yeah - I found out that technically we do not support running OpsMgr Reporting on W08 just yet - thus explains why I had to run through a lot of hoops above.  However, it seems to work for me with the exception of having to reset SRS if you ever have to reinstall...

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