Upcoming MDOP Webcast Featuring Northeastern University

If you are a College/University and are interested to find out how one of your peers uses the MDOP (specifically SoftGrid), you may want to tune in to this webcast being held November 28:  http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032356258&EventCategory=2&culture=en-US&CountryCode=US

Here is the abstract:

IT spends tremendous time and money dealing with application compatibility issues during time-sensitive deployments and updates, maintaining end-user productivity, keeping track of software assets, and securing desktops.

Microsoft’s recently introduced Desktop Optimization Pack. MDOP is a suite of five advanced technologies—including application virtualization, asset and group policy management, error monitoring, and diagnostic/recovery tools— that helps slash deployment and support costs, enable delivery of applications as centrally managed services, and allow for much easier management and better control of enterprise-wide desktops.

Join Microsoft and Northeastern University to learn how:

• Northeastern University uses Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization—part of the MDOP solution set—as a foundation of its “Northeastern On-Demand” initiative. Northeastern’s Navid Atoofi, Director of Systems and Production Services, will show you how SoftGrid is helping it vastly reduce annual application management costs and application deployment time.

• MDOP technologies accelerate and simplify application deployment, speed desktop repair, reduce end-user downtime, enhance group policy management, and improve software asset tracking and compliance. At less than $10/seat for all the products combined, and a typical 3-year ROI exceeding 210%, you’ll see why it’s a fantastic value.

• Microsoft Windows Vista works with MDOP to deliver the most cost-effective and flexible means for managing your Windows desktops.

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