Basic Instructions on how to set up SMS 2003 in the lab…

Wow - just noticed that it has been a while since my last post - sorry about that as I know so many of you hang on every one of my words!!!

 Anyway - I have posted the following page that may help some of you that want to setup SMS 2003 in your lab.  This is a good and straightforward set of steps to get you up and running with SMS 2003 with OSD and ITMU patch management installed in a common and basic lab setup.  I do not provide much explanations as to why I configure or don't configure certain things here - just the steps to get you up and moving.  These are essentially the exact steps I take when I engage my customers when doing SMS onsite POC's.  I cleaned up my notes and modified them so that anyone can follow these using downloadable evaluation code for SMS in their lab to get up and running as quickly as possible with most all functions enabled in SMS for the purposes of performing evaluation and tests. 

 Stay tuned as I may look to also post similar instructions around basic steps to create an OSD Vista image once the above is followed as well as steps for MOM and/or OpsMgr 2007 lab setup as well.  Let me know whether or not you find this useful...



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  1. He’s alive!  Hey I like the use of pages to hold the info since this otherwise would have been an obnoxiously long post.  Good info.  We should do one of these on rolling out Vista using OSD.

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