Back from my ‘vacation’…

So I had a few weeks off this last month as my wife and I welcomed kid #2 (check out pictures here if you are REALLY interested: - let's just say I am glad to be back at work and cannot wait to hit the road so I can get some rest!!! ;->

Anyway, I ran across the the following new Technet blog site that seems to have cropped up at the end of March:  This site highlights the work our Open Source Team is doing regarding making Micrsoft products more interoperable with OSS - yes, you read correctly!  Reason I point this out here on my blog is one of the first posts talks about how they use SMS in combination with Vintela's VMX product to manage the dozens of differen Linux and Unix distributions across hundreds of servers they use for testing:

I don't think I have ever had a systems management conversation with my Higher Ed. customers without having to address the issue on supporting non-Windows machines.  VMX and the new VSM (Vintela Systems Monitor - think VMX for MOM - in late beta stage) are awesome integration products for those using SMS and/or MOM and wish to bring in their non-Windows environments into one console.  You can check these and other products out here:


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