MOM Tip: Searching for the rule name if only the GUID is known…

One of my customers had a situation where he was receiving warning alerts from MOM.  Within the warning only a reference to the rule's GUID was made - the name of the rule was not referenced.  Since you can only search for rules in the MOM Admin console using all or part of the rule name your are looking for and/or if it references a certain Notification group or launches a specific script, this makes tracking down the actual rule somewhat difficult. 

One way to find the rule name if only the rule's GUID is known is to run the following query against the OnePoint DB:

select name Rule_Name, idprocessrule ruleid
from processrule
Where idprocessrule = '{GUID}'

where GUID is the known GUID of the rules you are looking for.  This should return the rule name which you can then use to perform a Rules Search within the MOM Admin console.



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