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Full of I.T. Shark Week!: Chuck Norris and PowerShell Scripting

I received this question at a TechNet Event IT Camp in Minneapolis a few months ago… Can Chuck Norris write PowerShell scripts?  Naturally.  And only he can run his PowerShell scripts under MS-DOS 6.1. It’s a little know fact that, after codename “Monad”, rather than “PowerShell”, the name was originally going to be “NorrisShell”. There… Read more

Just For Fun: My Footage of the Grand Opening of the new Microsoft Store at the Mall of America

Yeah… I had some fun attending this event, and shooting this video on Saturday morning.  A couple of fun things to notice: Ray Ozzie is in the house Not everyone knows how to spell MICROSOFT…. Read more

Breaking News: P2V Migration for Software Assurance is RTW!

RTW = Released to the Web-i-tubes Remember back in late September when I blogged about this cool toolset that, starting with a physically installed Windows XP machine, you would end up with a fresh install of Windows 7 AND that original Windows XP machine running as a virtual machine in XP-Mode? “Yeah.. that sounds really cool! … Read more

FREE Boot-Camp for Windows Phone 7 Developer Wannabe’s

…and if you’re a developer, you definitely wannabe. Microsoft is holding some free “boot camp” style events soon for developers interested in learning Windows Phone 7 development .  “Boot camp?  What’s that?” It’s a full day of intense introductory training; in this case training on how to get started building applications for Windows Phone 7. … Read more

Are you “what’s next”?

Dear blog, Yes, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  True, I shared some of my personal videos from TechEd, plus some resources for attendees to series of presentations I did a little while ago.. but nothing really from the heart; from my personal thoughts or opinions.  And isn’t that what a… Read more