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WAG – It’s like Bacon Flavored Dog Treats for the IT Professional

WAG = Windows Administrator Groups Last week I decided to try something new, and it’s catching on in a big way.  I wanted to create a new set of user groups for IT Administrators who primarily work with MIcrosoft Windows-based infrastructures.  So I came up with the acronym WAG.  I’m also a recent big fan… Read more

What is “Life without walls?”

(Warning: If you only expect serious technology announcements or serious discussion from this blog, you should stop reading this post right now.) Just an observation… If you don’t have a wall, you’ve got no place to put a window.  Why do I need windows if I have no walls?  That’s just stupid. Don’t get me… Read more

I’m a PC!

I love it! My opinion, of course.. but I think the big campaign Microsoft is putting out now is just wonderful.  Over a billion people around the world are proud to call themselves “a PC” by using, connecting with, and appreciating Windows.  And I’m one of ‘em. Check this out:  www.msn.com today has put dozens… Read more

Playing with PhotoZoom

MS Live Labs has a fun app called PhotoZoom.  It’s a cool proof-of-concept around how you might handle and navigate through images.  One application of this sort of technology that I thought was really cool was in zooming into very VERY large photos.  Stay out to see the big picture, or zoom in to see… Read more

Windows Live SkyDrive is RTW.

How would you like some free file storage space up on the Internet?  That’s what the new Windows Live service called “Windows Live SkyDrive” is all about.  SkyDrive has been in beta for several months, and just the other day it was announced that it is RTW, or Released-To-Web.  And better than the 1 GB… Read more