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Blog Series: Windows 8.1 for Business

Welcome to March!  And not that I mean to alarm you, but welcome to the final month before support ends on Windows XP.  I know that many of you supporting IT and devices for your businesses have known this for a while, and are either already done or continuing to work on migrating to Windows… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–VDI: A Look at Supportability and More!

“A little bit of history first.  Virtual Desktop computing has been slowly etching its way into more IT plans year over year.  The advantages can be enormous when isolating the end user into a virtual desktop that looks and acts like their regular everyday PC.  Of course the ROI has been quite difficult to manage… Read more

TechNet Radio: (Part 1) – What’s New in 2012 R2 – Empowering People-Centric IT

I had the privilege of welcoming Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President for Windows Server and System Center to the show.  We discuss the latest features and enhancements made in Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio 2013, Windows Intune as well as several new Windows Azure services.  Tune in… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: The Recap

It’s over!  November (Movember?) is here!  Now it’s time to sit back and soak in all of this great information! Below is a complete list (Thank you, Keith Mayer for compiling it) of links to our full 31 Days.  Enjoy! 31 Days of our Favorite Things The Cloud OS Platform by Kevin Remde Server Manager… Read more

Launch Day! Windows Server 2012 is available today!

Yessir!  According to the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform page, And that’s today!  Go to THIS PAGE to set up a reminder that at 8:00AM Pacific (10:00AM Central) time, the launch is happening. “Where will the Windows Server Launch be taking place?” Online.  Go to www.windows-server-launch.com at 10:00AM Central Time to “learn, connect, and have… Read more

Full of I.T. Shark Week!: Gotta keep moving!

There’s a theory that a Shark needs to keep moving, or else it will die. “Is that really true?” Do I look like Jacques Cousteau?  I don’t know.  You look it up.  But I think the same can be said for virtual machines. “They’ll die?” Stop interrupting me.  In your datacenter, no machine in production… Read more

It’s “Shark Week” on Full of I.T.!

Yes indeed!  It’s SHARK WEEK on FULL OF I.T.!   This is the week of the year that we get aggressive here on the blog!  We stir up the waters and bait the hooks with tasty I.T. goodness!  We rip our competitors to shreds!  We… “Hey Kevin… Aren’t you just stealing this idea from the Discovery… Read more

Breaking News: System Center 2012 RTM eval is avalable to all

Wonderful news!  Today at the Microsoft Management Summit going on in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced the availability of System Center 2012.  You can start your evaluation downloads now: https://aka.ms/PvtCld Pass it on!… Read more

What’s new in Windows Server “8” Virtualization? (So many questions. So little time. Part 2.)

Here are another set of really good questions from our TechNet Event on Tuesday in Kansas City.  These came all on the same slip of paper, from the same person. — “How will Windows 8 / Server 8 change Microsoft Virtualization?” In Windows Server “8” there are a great many improvements in Hyper-V; many more… Read more