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Breaking News: IT Pro Cloud Essentials–Free cloud, education, and support!

This is big news!  Today Microsoft is announcing a new subscription (but it’s free!) for IT Professionals.  The goal is to give IT Pros the tools they need to train, test, and eventually implement private and public cloud solutions. “Subscription?  Sounds like TechNet is back!” Well, yeah, in a sense it is.  It’s no secret… Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Buh-Bye TechNet Subscriptions

“Don’t you mean, ‘Buy TechNet Subscriptions’, Kevin?” Nope.  The TechNet Subscription is no more.  Today Microsoft announced that, as of August 31, 2013 we will no longer be selling the TechNet Subscription, in favor of better free trials and evaluations (such as those found at https://aka.ms/evals) Full details of this news are being e-mailed to… Read more

Launch Day! Windows Server 2012 is available today!

Yessir!  According to the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform page, And that’s today!  Go to THIS PAGE to set up a reminder that at 8:00AM Pacific (10:00AM Central) time, the launch is happening. “Where will the Windows Server Launch be taking place?” Online.  Go to www.windows-server-launch.com at 10:00AM Central Time to “learn, connect, and have… Read more

TechNet Subscription Discount Code? (So many questions. So little time. Part 44)

Jeff asked me for this at a recent TechNet Event… That’s a fair question, Jeff.  For several years, I have been promoting TechNet Subscriptions in pretty much every way available to me.  It is a great resource that, even if I weren’t a Microsoft Employee, I would yearly purchase for myself.  The answer to your… Read more