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New Storage Tiering coming in Server 2012 R2 – TechEd 2013 Favorites

As you may already be aware, at TechEd this year in New Orleans, several announcements about the new “R2” versions of various products were made.  Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 were just two of the products being updated later this year, and for which preview releases will be available later this… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – Transaction and Application Monitoring Solutions with BlueStripe Software

In this episode I chat with Product Marketing Manager Adam Long from BlueStripe Software.  We discuss BlueStripe’s product FactFinder, which is a transaction and application monitoring tool that helps Operations Support teams manage IT systems availability and performance regardless of where it may reside…physical, virtual or cloud. Learn more about BlueStripe Software __________________________ Experience Microsoft’s… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – Hybrid Network Offerings for Windows Azure and Hyper-V from F5

Once again on the floor of TechEd 2013 in New Orleans, I chat with Jeffrey Bellamy, Director of Business Development at F5 Networks. Jeffrey gives us a quick overview of some of their hybrid network offerings for Windows Azure and Hyper-V. Learn more about F5 Networks __________________________ Experience Microsoft’s latest products with these FREE downloads!… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – Delivering Software Defined Cloud Networking Solutions with Arista Networks

In this brief episode, I speak with Sr. Business Development Manager Joe Hielscher of Arista Networks from the floor at TechEd 2013 in New Orleans.  We chat about the latest features available from their cloud networking solutions and how they support a dynamic datacenter. Learn more about Arista Networks! __________________________ Experience Microsoft’s latest products with… Read more

TechEd 2013 Favorites – The Complete Series

The 21st annual TechEd North America conference happened this month (June) in New Orleans, and my three IT Technology Evangelist coworkers (Brian Lewis, Keith Mayer, and Matt Hester) and I had the privilege of attending and taking part.  So in the interest of sharing our experiences and impressions with you, we’ve decided to dedicate the… Read more

Key Keynote Notes – TechEd 2013 Favorites

So here it is, Day 3 of TechEd, and I’m already two days late on the first of our “TechEd 2013 Favorites” series.  (sigh)  But if you’ve ever been to a TechEd, or any other big conference like this, you know that it’s hard to find a spare moment to do things other than A)… Read more

NEW SERIES: TechEd 2013 Favorites

The introduction… I begin this post as I’m sitting at the gate in Minneapolis, waiting to board.  I’ll finish it while I’m flying south.  My name is Kevin, and I’m huge TechEd fan. “Hi, Kevin!” Hi.  I’m being joined at TechEd once again by several thousand of my closest friends, and also a few coworkers… Read more

Spot the Geek

I’m sitting here at MSP (Minneapolis / Saint Paul International Airport) playing my favorite pre-TechEd game: Spot the Geek.  And this year is turning out to be as easy as ever.  I guess isn’t a much better to go to New Orleans early on a Sunday morning. … Read more

Tell your boss I said you should register for TechEd North America 2013. Now.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time already knows what a HUGE fan of the Microsoft TechEd conference I am.  And this year I am hoping to be there again.  (If you’re a Microsoft group who is looking for booth or lab proctor help, send me an e-mail!!!)  But whether I am… Read more