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Danger Will Robinson!

Greetings all! First off – if you’re wondering why the sudden silence after only two video diaries from TechEd, be assured that the rest are coming.  I got really busy at TechEd (go figure) recording Podcasts and having fun.  And then I had events plus a few days off the following week.  So, I fully… Read more

TechNet Radio Podcasts from TechEd

My first podcasts were part of the set that were published to TechNet Radio this week. Check ’em out here. Also, watch http://www.virtualteched.com for podcasts and maybe some video interviews I and some of my team mates are doing this week. ..and thanks MUCH to the folks who gave up some valuable time to speak… Read more

TechEd 2007 Diaries – Day 0 – Road to Orlando

Yeah baby!  Here we go! I’m currently sitting at gate G19 at MSP, looking at my plane getting loaded up.  I look around.  Geeks?  Yep.. there’s one.  Got that “I’m going to TechEd” look of boundless enthusiasm and wonder.  And I wonder, “Will that change once he sees how much walking he’s going to be… Read more

I’m Making My Mark!

Yes indeed, I’m going to TechEd again! (I’ve only missed three… and they’ve been happening since ’93!)  I’m excited! This is always an awesome opportunity to learn and to mingle.. mix it up with geeks like me.  “Got anything special planned while you’re there?” Well, I’m hoping to do some more video diaries, and this time some podcasting… Read more