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Our Serieses

What is the plural of Series?  (And how is it pronounced?)  Well.. that’s not so important.  What’s important is that we – the Technology Evangelists of Microsoft DPE in the U.S. have been busy busy bloggers these past several months.  You’ve seen many articles, and many links to articles and resources, and we sincerely hope… Read more

Build Your Private Cloud in a Month – The Complete April 2013 Series

In April of 2013 our team’s blogging focus was on how to build your Private Cloud.  I hope you found our articles informative, that you have downloaded your free System Center 2012 SP1 trial, your Windows Server 2012 evalution, and have started your Windows Azure FREE TRIAL. Here is our complete April 2013 series:  … Read more

Your choice in .VHD files, and what it implies (So many questions. So little time. Part 36)

Jeanne asked two questions at our TechNet Event a couple of weeks ago: So.. in question #1 you’re asking about the implications of using one particular .VHD (virtual hard disk) disk type; Fixed, Differencing, or Dynamic.  To answer that question, first let me take a minute to describe what these types are.  I’ll point to… Read more

Free Global Event–24 Hours in a Private Cloud

http://bit.ly/24hipc Get yourself 5 of those “5 Hour Energy” drinks, set your alarm clock, and join the WORLD for this amazing opportunity to learn all about the Private Cloud solutions from Microsoft.  Here’s the description from the registration page: Every organization has the power to employ cloud technologies in their own way, at their own… Read more

More RTMs: System Center Essentials 2010 and System Center Data Protection Manager 2010!

(RTM = Released to Manufacturing) Holy cow.. what an incredible few days it’s been.  Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 hit RTM just three days ago, and today we have two more products “shipped”: System Center Essentials 2010 and System Center Data Protection Manager 2010.  For SCE 2010 and SCDPM 2010 details, check out the Nexus… Read more