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TechNet Radio: Building Clouds – SQL Server Self-Service Kit – Deploying SQL Server as a Service with System Center 2012

In this episode I welcomes Bruno Saille to the show.  We discuss the SQL Server Self-Service Kit and how it works with System Center 2012 to help automate SQL Server deployments. Tune in as we discuss how the self-service kits works, which System Center components are required as well as what plans are in store… Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 Preview Evaluations Are Now Available

Gentlemen, start your downloads!  (Ladies, too!) The previews for the “blue” wave of server products beat the estimated arrival dates (I thought we’d have to wait ‘til June 26th!) and became available late yesterday for TechNet and MSDN subscribers.  Those products include: Windows Server 2012 R2, and System Center 2012 R2. But, not only for… Read more

Deploy Web Server Solutions in the Cloud – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services allows you to build complex solutions, hosted in Microsoft datacenters, as readily a you would have them running in your own lab or datacenter.  For today’s article in our “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”, my friend Matt Hester gives us a detailed lab assignment which, in the end,… Read more

SQL Database Mirroring to the Cloud – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

“Hey Kevin… I would like to use Windows Azure as a location where I set up a SQL Server database mirror.  Is this something I can do?” Absolutely, yes!  In fact, it doesn’t even require anything fancy as far as setting up special connectors or site-to-site VPN in order to try this out (though in… Read more

20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS): SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn in the Cloud

“Hey Kevin.. How do I get high availability out of my SQL Server?” Cluster.  Shared Storage.  Windows Failover Clustering supports that. “But… I want my SQL Servers running in Windows Azure.  And I don’t have shared storage in “the cloud”.  But I still need the benefits of clustered high availability.” Wow.. you sure want a… Read more

Yes, you can build your own SQL Server in the cloud – 31 Days of Servers in the Cloud (Part 22 of 31)

Why not?  We’ve shown you how easy it is to create your own servers in Windows Azure, and there’s no reason one of those machines couldn’t be running Microsoft SQL Server 2012.  In fact, we’ll even provide an evaluation image that you can start with. In today’s Part 22 of “31 Days of Servers in… Read more

The best way to virtualize SQL Server (So many questions. So little time. Part 17.)

Several weeks ago at our TechNet Event in Saint Louis, Joe F asked me: “When virtualizing SQL Server I need to know how to best configure SQL and the VM to ensure it will run well.  Where can I find configuration and setup information?” A quick Bing of “virtualize SQL Server using Hyper-V Best Practices”… Read more

So you want to learn SQL Azure?

Recently a great series of 15 introductory videos have been completed and made available up on Microsoft Showcase, all focusing on SQL Azure.   (You may recall that I blogged about SQL Azure in my “Cloudy April” series a few weeks ago.) Here are the episodes: Getting Started: SQL Azure at a Glance Getting Started: Basic… Read more

Windows Azure – the SQL! ("Cloudy April" – Part 7)

What if you could run SQL Server, and get all the power of the best data management platform, but hosted for you in “the cloud”? “You mean like at a hosting provider?” Something like that.  Well… something and NOTHING like that.  Something like that because yes, you don’t have to buy/house/power/secure/make-highly available the servers that… Read more

IT Manager Community Chats are back!

This Wednesday (March 16) at I’ll be hosting the first of what I hope will be many (several already scheduled… more to follow) of what we call “IT Manager Community Chats with Kevin Remde”.  Our first one is going to be with Microsoft’s Tharun Tharian, a Sr. Product Manager for SQL Azure.  You’ll learn about… Read more