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Do you want to test SharePoint 2013 without dedicating your own hardware?

Well, do you? “Yes!  And I bet you’re going to tell me to use Windows Azure.” You’re catching on!  In today’s article in our “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”, my friend Keith Mayer shares some excellent tips, resources, and a step-by-step for building a SharePoint 2013 lab housed completely in Windows Azure. … Read more

NEW! Hands-On Datacenter Scenarios and Windows Azure Events

This just in… The demand has been so great for more information about using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as an extension of your datacenter and IT Operations, that we’ve decided to schedule a few more FREE events to close out the end of our fiscal year here in Central Region Microsoft US DPE.  The four… Read more

31 Days of Servers in the Cloud–Can you build a SharePoint lab in the cloud? (Part 7 of 31)

And the answer to the question I pose in the title is: YES!  Yes you can! In today’s part 7 of our “31 Days of Servers in the Cloud” series, Keith Mayer walks you through a detailed step-by-step of how to build virtual machines in Windows Azure that serve as a solid test and learning… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – MigrationWiz and Office 365

Yes!  My first in our new “Cloud Innovators” series of interviews is now live! About This Video We’re kicking off a new series today with Sr. IT Pro Evangelist Kevin Remde as he examines some of the top innovative companies who are using Microsoft Cloud solutions to help others improve their IT and business operations…. Read more

TechNet Central Region Events are back! Windows 7 Deployment “Firestarter” Events are LIVE!

That’s right.  We’re coming to a town near you.  “Or at least near me if I live near one of the cities listed below?” Well, yeah..  But anyway, we know that there are a lot of you who are just starting or still wondering about deploying Windows 7 and Office 2010 to your businesses,  so… Read more

Video Diary: Office 2010 / SharePoint 2010 Launch Event

As I’ve done in the past, here is a compilation of random scenes (aka “Video Diary”) of our team’s Readiness Launch event for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 that happened in Bloomington, Minnesota on May 27, 2010. I was the presenter for the IT Pro track covering those products.  We discussed planning for, deploying, and… Read more

Allure Bays Corp: These Guys Get It. Do you?

Allure Bays Corp. (ABC) is an R&D company focused on next generation tools for presenting and communicating, collaborating through technology, and solving complex business intelligence problems.  ABC is the leader in their field and every day, the smartest minds from around the world walk through the doors at 2010 Office Blvd…. Read more

Kevin’s TechNet Event Resources: April-June 2010 (Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Launch!)

TechNet Event Slides and Additional Resources http://www.technetevents.com/resources   25%-OFF Special TechNet Plus Subscription Promotion – Yes, save nearly $100 off of a new TechNet Plus Direct Subscription!Use Promotion Code TNITQ404 (that’s 4-ZERO-4) at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/subscription   E-mail Technical Questions: Kevin Remde – Kevin.Remde@microsoft.comFeedback e-mail to my boss: Brian Moore – BriMoore@microsoft.com   Follow Kevin on Twitter:… Read more

BIG News: Microsoft Office 2010 + SharePoint 2010 RTM!

(RTM = Released to Manufacturing) It’s a big day for Microsoft, and for the world of people who work with information and documents on their computers.  Or on a SharePoint page using a browser.  Or on their phone.  Today marks the “ship” day for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.  It’s done.  It’s ready.  Kick it… Read more