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VMware or Microsoft?–Does VMware get it?

Does VMware understand the value of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and have the ability to support your “Hybrid Cloud”?  And can they back up their service with a solid Service-Level Agreement comparable to Microsoft’s? Of course they can.  At least I think they can.  Do you think so?  Does Keith?  In today’s final article of our 6-week-long… Read more

Deploying VMs and Cloud Services – Migration and Deployment (Part 14 of 19)

Are you building a highly virtualized datacenter? “Yep.” Are you calling it a private cloud? “Of course.  Isn’t it?” No.  Well, at least not if virtualization is ALL you’re doing.  Part of the definition that Microsoft uses for a “cloud’ (which is based on the NIST definition found here) is that it support self-service.  Application… Read more

Breaking News: Your chance to get a $20 Microsoft Store coupon, and maybe win a laptop!

This is cool.  Microsoft is willing to PAY you to try some software and learn some stuff.  And you could also win a very slick laptop in the process. “Huh?  Seriously?” Well.. in a sense. We’re announcing today an opportunity for a limited (roughly 5,000) number of people to get a $20 coupon for the… Read more

Breaking News: Free IT Camps – “Being What’s Next In IT” – Open for Registration!

Our next set of IT Pro events (“IT Camps”) in the US Central Region have been scheduled and are now officially open for registration!  The events are free, go from 9:00am to 3:00pm, and include some light breakfast and lunch.  But most importantly, they are full of new and useful information that all IT Pros… Read more

Breaking News: New System Center 2012 Licensing Model Announced

Today during the “Private Cloud Day” live webcast event, Microsoft announced a pretty big change in how we think of and purchase the System Center suite.  Bottom-line.. it’s no longer a separate set of products, but it is just one product: System Center 2012.  (Well.. actually two.. but different only in terms of licensing.)  In… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 30 of 30: Certification Tips To Get Your Career Ready For The Cloud

It’s the end of the month, and the last of our 30 days of cloudy goodness is here!  In today’s blog post, one of the most genuinely certifiable gentlemen I know, Brian Lewis, points you to some resources to help you get on track for cloud readiness.  And by you, I mean YOU.  You need… Read more

The Cloud on Your Terms: 30 Part Series

For those of you who missed any of these and want to catch up, here is a list that I will keep updated with links to the team’s (Me, Brian Lewis, John Weston, and Matt Hester) posts. And don’t forget to go to https://aka.ms/evals if you want to evaluate any of the foundational software to… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 7 of 30: Hyper-V for the VMware Professional

We’re no fools.  We know that if you’re using Virtualization in your business, you’re very likely using or have considered using VMware.  And we also know that you may be considering Hyper-V for an additional (or alternative) virtualization platform.  At least I hope you are.   That said, and if you’re just starting out learning… Read more

Here Are Your Microsoft Virtualization Event Resources

November 2011 – January 2012 IMPORTANT Software Evaluations – Get ‘em here: https://aka.ms/Evals “WAG” = Windows Administrator Groups (on LinkedIn) with Subgroups for user groups by geography – https://aka.ms/WAG Future Live, In-Person Event Information: TechNet Events (for IT Pros): http://www.TechNetEvents.com MSDN Events (for Software Developers): http://www.MSDNEvents.com Session Slides: https://aka.ms/FY12H1Remde Microsoft Virtualization: On Your Terms Windows… Read more

Breaking News: More New System Center 2012 RCs and Betas Available Today

Great news!  More betas and release candidates of the System Center 2012 tools are available today for download!  Like many of you, I have been waiting patiently for these gems, and I can’t wait to start playing with them.  These round out the pre-releases of tools that allow you to support private and hybrid cloud… Read more