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Bloggers: Watch your back (and your comments)…

  Wow.  I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog.  Aparently nobody reads it.  Or perhaps I’m not controversial enough to promote discussion often enough.  I’ll have to change that… Or should I? WARNING: Long Blogger Chain Here… Robert Scoble recently pointed to an article by Dave Taylor who was talking about Aaron… Read more

Interesting Blogger / Reader stats… lead to Kevin’s RSS Rant!

Interesting survey results on blogging, readers, and RSS.  Found on BloggersBlog.com… Blogging and readership are growing.  MSN Spaces is growing in a BIG way.  (Hooray for our team. )   “What’s the bad news?” 50% of regular blog readers don’t know what RSS stands for (no, it’s not “Rocket Science Surgery”) let alone how to use… Read more

Do you have something to say?

Get ready for your “15 minutes of Internet fame”  The MSN folks are previewing another new feature, MSN Filter. If you have a blog on MSN Spaces, you can submit your entries to the filter team.  If it’s worth sharing, they will add it to one of the categories: TV, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, and Technology. The… Read more

It’s not Longhorn, it’s…

Yes!  Yesterday afternoon the Microsoft employees here at MGB in Atlanta were told that what was known as codename “Longhorn” is now officially called Microsoft Windows Vista!  Today the world learned the news as well.  Here’s the Microsoft Press Release about it. Also, today I sat through some instructor-lead demos of the beta.  Wow…  you… Read more

TechNet Events Bloggers site is LIVE!

Calling all IT Pros!  You’re IT! Time to join in the conversation!  We have created a new site to be a new way of participating in the IT Pro Community, and to learn about TechNet Events and Webcasts of interest to YOU. The new site it a blogger aggregator, so if you are an IT… Read more