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Free Tools for Windows Deployment (and a light touch deployment demo) – Migration and Deployment (Part 2 of 19)

Today in part 2 of our “Migration and Deployment” series, we discuss the free tools that can make it very easy for you to deploy Windows 8 (and Windows Server 2012, although we’re focusing today on Windows 8) in a small to mid-sized business environment. There are two toolsets in particular that I want to… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 7.0 Beta

I don’t usually like to do this… “..but you’re going to do it anyway.” Shut up.  And get out of my head.  I usually don’t like to do a lot of copying and pasting of other people’s content (OPC™), but the text from this e-mail I received concerning the beta release of the next version… Read more

The best way to virtualize SQL Server (So many questions. So little time. Part 17.)

Several weeks ago at our TechNet Event in Saint Louis, Joe F asked me: “When virtualizing SQL Server I need to know how to best configure SQL and the VM to ensure it will run well.  Where can I find configuration and setup information?” A quick Bing of “virtualize SQL Server using Hyper-V Best Practices”… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 is RTW

RTW = Released to the Webitubes Today Microsoft releases the next version of the MAP Toolkit.  MAP, in case you weren’t aware, stands for Microsoft Assessment and Planning.  And a brand new version (v6.5) is now available to download. “What does it do?” I’m glad you asked.  The MAP Toolkit is the Swiss Army Knife… Read more

Where is that evaluation download?

We IT Pro-focused Technical Evangelists are often asked, “Hey.. Where can I find the download to try out such-and-such software?” And after I find out what they actually meant by “such-and-such”, I usually just tell them essentially to “google it on Bing”. But that’s not sufficient. So what I am doing instead, on this page,… Read more

Breaking News: MAP 5.5 is RTW!

RTW = Released to the Web-i-tubes The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) version 5.5 has been released to the web.  This is the latest version of the toolset that many of you have seen me demonstrate in our TechNet Events.  It lets you take an inventory (agentless, I might add) of your environment –… Read more

Kevin’s TechNet Event Resources: April-June 2010 (Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Launch!)

TechNet Event Slides and Additional Resources http://www.technetevents.com/resources   25%-OFF Special TechNet Plus Subscription Promotion – Yes, save nearly $100 off of a new TechNet Plus Direct Subscription!Use Promotion Code TNITQ404 (that’s 4-ZERO-4) at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/subscription   E-mail Technical Questions: Kevin Remde – Kevin.Remde@microsoft.comFeedback e-mail to my boss: Brian Moore – BriMoore@microsoft.com   Follow Kevin on Twitter:… Read more

Transparency: What guides Microsoft to improve server products and reduce your TCO?

Here’s another TLA for you all to learn: CEC.  Microsoft’s Common Engineering Criteria.  The Microsoft Common Engineering Criteria is a set of engineering requirements and guidelines that govern all of Microsoft’s server products.  The idea here is that we build products that work well together, and work to help you reduce your TCO (another TLA… Read more

NEW: Save 25% on TechNet Plus Direct Subscription (Who wouldn’t want to save $87.25?)

UPDATE: This promotion has expired.   Please click here to see details on the current promotion. UPDATE: This promotion ends on June 30, 2010 October 31, 2010.. and will still save you 25% on the newly named “TechNet Subscription Professional” (same price).  Just substitute “TechNet Plus Direct” with “TechNet Subscription Professional” in all that you read… Read more

RTW: Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer and the Exchange Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0

A couple of new tools are available for those of you either in the planning stages of an Exchange 2010 deployment, or looking to verify the configuration of your Exchange organization’s configuration: Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer – Brief Description The Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer performs an overall topology readiness scan of your environment and provides you with… Read more