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A Personal Photosynth Example

Just a few minutes ago I sent the following e-mail to the members of the Boy Scout Troop that my two boys belong to.  My eldest just completed the work-portion of his Eagle Scout project last weekend… The photographers, or even the more “geeky” among you will appreciate this… Today I took a set of… Read more

Photosynth is released!

As a digital photography nut, and the de-facto family photographer/videographer, I think this is pretty big news. Recently I blogged about PhotoZoom, plus a cute example of what it can do.  And now I hear that the Photosynth site is now live and ready for you to use! “What is it?” Basically, it’s the idea… Read more

Playing with PhotoZoom

MS Live Labs has a fun app called PhotoZoom.  It’s a cool proof-of-concept around how you might handle and navigate through images.  One application of this sort of technology that I thought was really cool was in zooming into very VERY large photos.  Stay out to see the big picture, or zoom in to see… Read more