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New Windows Azure Trial and Subscription Rights – TechEd 2013 Favorites

At the keynote on Monday of TechEd NA (June 3), we made some pretty big announcements around how Windows Azure Trials and various subscription benefits would be changing. So for today’s edition of our “TechEd 2013 Favorites” series, I thought I’d briefly introduce you to some surprising changes to the options you have for “kicking… Read more

Launch Day! Windows Server 2012 is available today!

Yessir!  According to the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform page, And that’s today!  Go to THIS PAGE to set up a reminder that at 8:00AM Pacific (10:00AM Central) time, the launch is happening. “Where will the Windows Server Launch be taking place?” Online.  Go to www.windows-server-launch.com at 10:00AM Central Time to “learn, connect, and have… Read more

BREAKING NEWS: While I was away, the Windows 8 bits hit TechNet and MSDN!

Gee.. you go out to the gym for a couple of hours and come back and lo-and-behold the Windows 8 released (RTM) bits become available for download for TechNet and MSDN subscribers!  So if you subscribe, go to the site and get ‘em while they’re hot! “What about other folks?  When can I buy it?”… Read more

Kick-Start your Azure Cloud Development Skills

Are you interested in learning the ins-and-outs of working with Windows Azure?  Wondering how to get started cheaply – as in “for FREE”?  We’re giving you a chance to spend a day with some of the nation’s leading cloud experts and for you to learn how to build a web application that runs in Windows… Read more

SAVE MONEY on your TechNet Subscription: 28% off with NEW promotion code: TNITE04

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This promotion and promotion code have expired.Please CLICK HERE for the most current promotion. Whenever I present a live TechNet Event, I ask my audience to raise their hands if they are a TechNet subscriber.  Usually about 1/2 of the audience raises their hand.  Considering that this is typically a Microsoft-friendly audience, I’m… Read more

TechNet Events: We may be coming to your town!

  “Really?  My town?” Well.. okay.  Not everyone’s town.  But our schedule of live, free events in the US for IT Pros is done and live and available for you to see now on the TechNet Events site. “What are you guys covering this time around?” I’m so glad you asked!  Here is the event… Read more

Hey IT Management Community: Can we talk?

Blogs are great.  Yep.  I love blogs.  But there is only so much you can accomplish with one.  I can share useful announcements from Microsoft.  I can share my own thoughts, my half-baked opinions.  And that’s cool.. if you don’t mind that it’s me who always starts the conversation.  But what if you have something… Read more

News: Windows 7 Beta Download Period Extended

Good news!  The Windows 7 Team Blog announced that they’ve yet again extended the period in which you can download the Window 7 Beta.  As you may recall, I blogged about the original extension a couple weeks ago.  And now we’re doing it again.  You now have until Feb 10, 2009 to start the download. … Read more

Windows 7 Beta 1 for MDC Attendees

(NOTE: I didn’t write this blog post.  It was sent to me in hopes that I would post it.  It’s geared more towards developers, some of whom do read my blog now and then – so I thought it was worth sharing.  -Kevin)   Breaking news!!! Attend an upcoming MSDN Developer Conference and you will… Read more

RTM News: Visual Studio 2008

“Here you go again, Kevin… talking about stuff for Developers and not just for IT Pros.” Yep.  And I do so unashamed.  I will never forget, and look back fondly at my own Software Engineering days.  So once in awhile I’m going to put things here for all of my developer / software engineering brethren…. Read more