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Windows 10: What/Where the Deployment Tools Are

It’s been nearly a month since Windows 10 became publically available to all, so I’m sure all of you IT Pros who read my blog have been installing (and hopefully enjoying) Windows 10 on your personal machines, while at the same time beginning to think about how you’re going to support a rollout to your… Read more

(Part 2) End of Support for Windows Server 2003 – Migrating from Windows Server 2003

In Part 2 of our End of Support for Windows Server 2003 series, I welcome Rick Claus to the show.  We discuss various planning and migration tools that are available to help your move from Server 2003. Ready to make the move? Get Windows Server 2012 R2 now! __________________________ Experience Microsoft's latest products with these… Read more

TechNet Radio: (Part 1) End of Support for Windows Server 2003 – Why Migrate?

Eric Mills and yours truly kick off a new 3 part series today as we discuss the upcoming End of Support for Windows Server 2003.  Tune in for part 1 as we discuss the reasons why you should migrate now to a supported operating system before its too late.   Ready to make the move?… Read more

What’s New in R2 – The Executive Interviews

A couple of months ago I had the privilege to interview Brad Anderson.  Brad is a Sr. VP at Microsoft, responsible for the System Center and Windows Server product lines.  So… “So this guy knows what he’s talking about?” Exactly.  As a companion to his blog – In the Cloud – we recorded these three… Read more

How fast is fast? Virtual Machine Live Migration Improvements

When you’re doing a Live Migration** of a virtual machine between hyper-v hosts, you want it to go quickly.  You may be doing the migration of one or several or dozens of virtual machines all at once, and the performance of the network and the network paths you choose are going to determine how quickly… Read more

TechNet Radio: Building Clouds – An Inside Look at Virtual Machine Migration Tools

In this episode I welcome “Migration Mark” from the Building Clouds blog series on TechNet to discuss best practices for migrating your virtual machines to Microsoft Hyper-V as well as some free virtual machine migration tools that are available. Check out this great discussion on MAP 8.5, MVMC and the Migration Automation Toolkit (MAT) …. Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Replaceable? Extensible? What kind of virtual switch do you want?

In today’s article in our series, “VMware or Microsoft?”, my friend Chris Avis compares the way flexible, extendible networking is implemented for virtualization. READ HIS EXCELLENT ARTICLE HERE… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Moving Live Virtual Machines. Same, but different.

Uptime is king.  Virtual machines in business represent some workload, whether in whole or as part of an application or service.  And we don’t ever want it to go down.  Technologies such as VMotion and Live Migration included in vSphere and Hyper-V are our best friends when it comes to being able to flexibly move… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Did you know that there’s no extra charge?

This week at VMWorld the VMware faithful are learning all about the latest news and updates from their virtualization vendor.  And hopefully at the same time Microsoft is able to reach them with some free custard and some good information to help them understand: What Hyper-V can do, and that You can gear up for… Read more

Key Keynote Notes – TechEd 2013 Favorites

So here it is, Day 3 of TechEd, and I’m already two days late on the first of our “TechEd 2013 Favorites” series.  (sigh)  But if you’ve ever been to a TechEd, or any other big conference like this, you know that it’s hard to find a spare moment to do things other than A)… Read more