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Lab 6 (Optional): An Ubuntu Linux VM in Azure (Jan-June 2015 Azure Hybrid Cloud IT Camps)

This post contains Lab 6 of the 5 labs created for our current set of US DX IT Camps.  Yeah.. this is one I just added for good measure. The complete set of labs are listed here: Lab 1 – Building the Foundation (Virtual Network, Storage, and Cloud Service) Lab 2 – Building Workloads (Creating… Read more

(Episode 11) Windows 8: Windows Intune – Cloud based Management for Windows PCs & Tablets

In this episode I welcome Technical Specialist Susan Smith from the Windows Intune team as we discuss Intune’s cloud-based solution to manage PCs and mobile devices.  Tune in as we describe Intune’s capabilities and how it can help support your mobile workforce while still ensuring a better managed and secured IT environment. BONUS: Try Windows… Read more

31 Days of Servers in the Cloud – Linux. Yeah, you heard me. (Part 11 of 31)

“Seriously?  Linux?” Absolutely.  Windows Azure will run pretty much anything you can run as x86/x64 virtual machines.  And Microsoft even supports several “flavors” of Linux running in our cloud. In today’s part eleven of our “31 Days of Servers in the Cloud”, my friend Keith Mayer gives you the run-down, and even delivers a step-by-step… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 7.0 Beta

I don’t usually like to do this… “..but you’re going to do it anyway.” Shut up.  And get out of my head.  I usually don’t like to do a lot of copying and pasting of other people’s content (OPC™), but the text from this e-mail I received concerning the beta release of the next version… Read more

“We’re just a Microsoft Shop..”

Really?  Just Microsoft?  Not likely.  Most companies have some need for interoperability between vendors and technologies.. and those technologies don’t always play well together.  Microsoft, Linux, MySQL, Apple… these can be a big challenge to support and get working well together. To help address this – to give you some good options around such interoperability… Read more