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What’s New for Active Directory in Server 2012 R2?

Active Directory.  You know it.  You love it.  You’ve loved it since it made its introduction back in Windows 2000 Server.  Over 90 percent of the world’s business IT relies on Active Directory for local user and machine management, authentication, policy application, and directory services.  And with every new version of a Windows Server product,… Read more

So good. Must share.

As a Microsoft employee and as a $MSFT stockholder, I have to confess that I was THRILLED last night when I saw this commercial for the first time on TV…     So, if you were thinking of buying that iPad..you should think again and get a real Windows 8 tablet!  (Here’s the one in… Read more

(Episode 17) Windows 8 Tips: Security and Privacy

In part 5 of our Windows 8 Tips and Tricks series, Principal Technical Account Manager Lex Thomas  and I briefly introduce you to some of the new security-centric improvements in Windows 8. There’s never been a better time to build for Windows!  Join the App Builder Program and learn about the Windows ecosystem opportunity, design… Read more

Just For Fun: I’m Loving the New Lumia Windows Phone Ad

Last night while watching TV I was thrilled to finally see another good ad for the best phone I’ve ever owned – my Lumia 920.  As my wife will attest, I literally did ROFLMAO.     Sure… I’m a Microsoft Employee.  But seriously, it’s a great phone.(Mine’s the red one.) Also – if you do… Read more

So do I have to throw out all of my logo’d shirts now?

Today Microsoft is unveiling a new global brand.  The old is history.  Sure, you’ll see it around for quite awhile (like on my formerly-official presenter shirts), but going forward, this is the new face of Microsoft: “Seriously?  You’re changing the logo after all these years?” Yessiree.  And I agree that it’s time for the change. … Read more

Just For Fun: My Footage of the Grand Opening of the new Microsoft Store at the Mall of America

Yeah… I had some fun attending this event, and shooting this video on Saturday morning.  A couple of fun things to notice: Ray Ozzie is in the house Not everyone knows how to spell MICROSOFT…. Read more

Are you ready for a more beautiful web?

On August 4 we released the fourth platform preview of IE9 for people to try out.  As with other technology previews, the point was to give developers a first-look at what the compatibility and performance capabilities are going to be like.  “Yeah, I tried it.  It is fast.” Exactly.  And on August 12, James Pratt… Read more

Are you “what’s next”?

Dear blog, Yes, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  True, I shared some of my personal videos from TechEd, plus some resources for attendees to series of presentations I did a little while ago.. but nothing really from the heart; from my personal thoughts or opinions.  And isn’t that what a… Read more

BIG News: Microsoft Office 2010 + SharePoint 2010 RTM!

(RTM = Released to Manufacturing) It’s a big day for Microsoft, and for the world of people who work with information and documents on their computers.  Or on a SharePoint page using a browser.  Or on their phone.  Today marks the “ship” day for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.  It’s done.  It’s ready.  Kick it… Read more

INTRODUCING: Microsoft Desktop Player – Find Technical Content and Useful Microsoft Resources Easily

The Microsoft Desktop Player is now live and in Beta.  “What does it do?” Using either your browser (It’s a Silverlight application) or an installed desktop application, you can easily and contextually find webcast recordings, podcast recordings, whitepapers, etc.  So, let’s say you’re interested in SharePoint 2010.. “But I’m not.” Let’s just say you are,… Read more