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Windows 10 and App Compat (Part 3): How do I get to the Edge?

In part 3 of our Windows 10 and App Compatibility series, “The App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson and I discuss the enigma that is the Edge web browser found in Windows 10. Why is it here?  Why do we need a new browser?  And more importantly, will it work with my web applications?   Next… Read more

Windows 10 and App Compat (Part 2): How do I get to IE11?

“The App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson and yours truly are back for part 2 in our Windows 10 and App Compatibility series.  In today’s episode we discuss Internet Explorer and what to do about compatibility concerns for your web applications. Next Steps Learn: Azure RemoteApp Core skills Try: Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Virtual Lab… Read more

(Episode 18) Windows 8 Tips: Tweaks and Customizations

In part 6 of our Windows 8 Tips and Tricks series, Principal Technical Account Manager Lex Thomas and I show off some of the new kinds of customization options found in Windows 8. There’s never been a better time to build for Windows! Join the App Builder Program and learn about the Windows ecosystem opportunity,… Read more

Your Cloud Browser (“Cloudy April”–Part 10)

Often when people think of “the cloud”, they think of web-based applications that are accessed via a browser.  “But it’s not just that, is it?” No, it’s not.  Services hosted “elsewhere” don’t necessarily need to be fronted by a browser.  HTTP is just another protocol.  Applications running in native or local code can also take… Read more

Breaking News: IE 9 is here!

Tonight at the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) conference, Microsoft announces the release-to-the-web of Internet Explorer 9.  According to the IE 9 site, the final bits will be available after 9PM Pacific time, tonight.  (March 14, 2011) I’ve been enjoying the Release Candidate for a few weeks now, and I’m fairly well impressed.  Entirely my opinion, but things… Read more

Breaking News: IE 9 Beta is RTW (available for download)

RTW = Released to the Web-Inter-tubes Yes indeed.. the much anticipated beta of the next version of Internet Explorer, IE9, is available for download. GET IT HERE: http://windows.microsoft.com/ie9 Here is some text from an e-mail I received just prior to the release: With Internet Explorer 9, we’ve aimed to achieve four primary goals: Speed: creating… Read more

Are you ready for a more beautiful web?

On August 4 we released the fourth platform preview of IE9 for people to try out.  As with other technology previews, the point was to give developers a first-look at what the compatibility and performance capabilities are going to be like.  “Yeah, I tried it.  It is fast.” Exactly.  And on August 12, James Pratt… Read more

Trying to break free of Internet Explorer 6? Attend the Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable

You’re not alone!  Sure, many people are making the switch to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, but some are actually being held back because of applications or company web-based tools that were built for and require IE 6.  And that’s just not right! “But what do we do about it, Kevin?” Well, one thing… Read more

Breaking News: Out-of-Band Security Update released today (March 30, 2010) for IE6 and IE7

Today a security update is being released out-of-band to address a known and recently exploited vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7.  (See the MSRC Blog for more information about the advanced notification.) “The vulnerability used in these attacks, along with workarounds, is described in Microsoft Security Advisory 981374. The out-of-band security bulletin… Read more

Are you moving to Windows 7? Are you looking for IE6-to-IE8 Migration Information?

“Hey Kevin.. I want to deploy Windows 7, and hear good things about IE8, but I don’t know how to start evaluating what I need to make the move off of Internet Explorer 6.  I am sure I have at least one critical application that might not work in IE8, and need to know what… Read more