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Full of I.T. Shark Week: When will Microsoft admit defeat? (So many questions. So little time. Part 45)

This question came from a land-lubber coward** (meaning: didn’t give his/her name) at a TechNet Event IT Camp in Minneapolis… (**Just joking, friend.  I thanks for coming to the event!) I absolutely love this question.  There is so much genuine passion in this topic, and believe me, I have a strong opinion – just like… Read more

Do you like Pizza? What about the Super Bowl?

http://ieaddons.com/en/search/?search=pizza Both Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza have come out with new Web Slices for Internet Explorer 8 in advance of the Super Bowl on Sunday, as this is one of their busiest times of the year. I think every kitchen PC should have those slices on the IE8 Favorites bar. “What’s your favorite… Read more

Just for fun…

I just think this is so very clever.  So I had a little fun with it.   Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! Featuring (in order of appearance): Laura, Kevin, Amy, Nancy, and Andy Remde… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Security Essentials BETA is LIVE (but limited!)

For the first 75,000 people who want it, the first beta of the new free antivirus solution from Microsoft is available to download now. “Now?” Well.. it is now.. but by the time you read this it may not be any longer.  There is a limit, and high demand to try it out. “What exactly… Read more

Breaking News: It’s here! RCs are RTW! (for some)

RCs = Release Candidates RTW = Released to Web “for some” means “for TechNet and MSDN subscribers” You remember several days ago we announced that the RC for Windows 7 would be available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers on April 30th. “Hey, that’s today!” Yep.  And of course the first thing I did this morning… Read more

Microsoft Corp. :: Microsoft Research Helps Novice Musicians Discover Their Inner Songwriters

  Microsoft Corp. :: Microsoft Research Helps Novice Musicians Discover Their Inner Songwriters (Title and first link in this blog post are courtesy of clicking the “Blog This” button in my browser, which launches me into Windows Live Writer.  That’s the first time I’ve tried that.  I like it.) Okay.. consider me once again blown… Read more

What is “Life without walls?”

(Warning: If you only expect serious technology announcements or serious discussion from this blog, you should stop reading this post right now.) Just an observation… If you don’t have a wall, you’ve got no place to put a window.  Why do I need windows if I have no walls?  That’s just stupid. Don’t get me… Read more

A Personal Photosynth Example

Just a few minutes ago I sent the following e-mail to the members of the Boy Scout Troop that my two boys belong to.  My eldest just completed the work-portion of his Eagle Scout project last weekend… The photographers, or even the more “geeky” among you will appreciate this… Today I took a set of… Read more

Photosynth is released!

As a digital photography nut, and the de-facto family photographer/videographer, I think this is pretty big news. Recently I blogged about PhotoZoom, plus a cute example of what it can do.  And now I hear that the Photosynth site is now live and ready for you to use! “What is it?” Basically, it’s the idea… Read more