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TechEd 2013 Favorites – The Complete Series

The 21st annual TechEd North America conference happened this month (June) in New Orleans, and my three IT Technology Evangelist coworkers (Brian Lewis, Keith Mayer, and Matt Hester) and I had the privilege of attending and taking part.  So in the interest of sharing our experiences and impressions with you, we’ve decided to dedicate the… Read more

NEW SERIES: TechEd 2013 Favorites

The introduction… I begin this post as I’m sitting at the gate in Minneapolis, waiting to board.  I’ll finish it while I’m flying south.  My name is Kevin, and I’m huge TechEd fan. “Hi, Kevin!” Hi.  I’m being joined at TechEd once again by several thousand of my closest friends, and also a few coworkers… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – Managing Your Cloud Environment with Cognizant Cloud360

This this episode of TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators, I welcome Managing Director at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Ramesh Panuganty to the show.  We discuss their product Cloud360, an enterprise-class cloud management platform that helps you quickly and cost-effectively deploy, manage and operate applications on private, public and hybrid clouds. Tune in as they discuss its features… Read more

Migrating VMs from Hyper-V to Windows Azure – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

One of the first questions that IT Pros have when considering using Windows Azure to host some (or all) of their company’s computing infrastructure is, “How do I move an existing virtual machine to the cloud?” “I was just about to ask that!” I bet you were. So, how does one take a virtual machine… Read more

So good. Must share.

As a Microsoft employee and as a $MSFT stockholder, I have to confess that I was THRILLED last night when I saw this commercial for the first time on TV…     So, if you were thinking of buying that iPad..you should think again and get a real Windows 8 tablet!  (Here’s the one in… Read more

Need a place to build and test your apps, but can’t afford the hardware?

If you are a developer, or if you are a member of an IT organization which supports a software development organization, then you know that sometimes you need more hardware than you can realistically afford.  And if you do buy the hardware, it becomes obsolete all-too-soon, or just sits there idle because the need for… Read more

Deploy Web Server Solutions in the Cloud – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services allows you to build complex solutions, hosted in Microsoft datacenters, as readily a you would have them running in your own lab or datacenter.  For today’s article in our “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”, my friend Matt Hester gives us a detailed lab assignment which, in the end,… Read more

Just For Fun: I’m Loving the New Lumia Windows Phone Ad

Last night while watching TV I was thrilled to finally see another good ad for the best phone I’ve ever owned – my Lumia 920.  As my wife will attest, I literally did ROFLMAO.     Sure… I’m a Microsoft Employee.  But seriously, it’s a great phone.(Mine’s the red one.) Also – if you do… Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Windows Azure Infrastructure Services are in GA today!

“Georgia?” No!  GA means General Availability!  It’s like RTM, but better.  We’ve been talking about Windows Azure virtual machines, and using Azure as “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” (IaaS) for many months now.  We’ve been promoting the heck out of the 90-day free trial of Windows Azure to IT Pros all over the world; but with the caveat that… Read more

TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators – Monitor Your Applications with Foglight for Windows Azure Applications

In this episode I welcome Douglas Chrystall, Chief Architect at Dell Software to the show, and we discuss Foglight for Windows Azure applications – a new product offering from Dell which helps monitor applications built on the Windows Azure platform.  Tune in as we chat about this solution which can provide diagnostics and improve your… Read more