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SQL Database Mirroring to the Cloud – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

“Hey Kevin… I would like to use Windows Azure as a location where I set up a SQL Server database mirror.  Is this something I can do?” Absolutely, yes!  In fact, it doesn’t even require anything fancy as far as setting up special connectors or site-to-site VPN in order to try this out (though in… Read more

So do I have to throw out all of my logo’d shirts now?

Today Microsoft is unveiling a new global brand.  The old is history.  Sure, you’ll see it around for quite awhile (like on my formerly-official presenter shirts), but going forward, this is the new face of Microsoft: “Seriously?  You’re changing the logo after all these years?” Yessiree.  And I agree that it’s time for the change. … Read more

The Cloud on Your Terms Part 28 of 30: Cloud PowerShell

Back in part 23 of our series I wrote about Windows Azure, and some of the tools that IT Pros have at their disposal for the sake of managing and monitoring it.  One of those tools of course is PowerShell.  And today in part 27, Matt Hester writes about how PowerShell (one of his favorite… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 26 of 30: Office 365 will not get you fired

  Are you concerned that the cloud will eat your job?  Perhaps.  Every time there is a shift in how things are done based on improvements in technology or new options for efficiency, economics, scale… there is always someone crying foul.  Or probably more appropriately, they’re worrying about what it means for their current situation. … Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 25 of 30: Windows Intune

Microsoft has some pretty interesting new direction with regard to what “the cloud” can do.  For example – how about an Internet-based service that let’s you monitor, manage, and deploy software to the workstations you’re responsible for? “Yeah.. I’d love to see that.” That’s what we have in the form of Windows Intune.  Today in… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 22 of 30: My Private Private Cloud

Back in Part 10 of our “Cloud on Your Terms” series, I discussed the goals of building my own test environment – which I refer to as my “Private Private Cloud”.  It was the first in a series of screencasts and blog posts showing the process of building your own test environment using spare hardware,… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 21 of 30: Setting up an inexpensive SAN

Back in part 10 of our cloud series, I described how I configured my own “Private Private Cloud”.  One of the important elements of my test lab was to have a foundation that would support Windows Failover Clustering and the Live Migration of virtual machines.  To do this in my “test lab” (the spare bedroom… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 20 of 30: San Antonio, have you seen a lot of H2O? Data Center

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft supports so much scale online for our online services such as Hotmail, Windows Azure, Windows Live, Windows Updates, etc.? “Yes, I have.  You must have a massive datacenter!” Actually, we have many massive datacenters.  “More than 10, but less than 100” is what I am told.  Today in part… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 19 of 30: All About the Networking

Have you ever been puzzled by some problem only to find out that it was related to how your network is configured?  “Yes.  All the time.” Of course you have.  And when you add the potential complexities of supporting a Private Cloud in your datacenter, let alone extreme virtualization, the problems may get harder and… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms part 18 of 30: Lessons learned from Private Cloud build out (Stupid cold!)

Today in part 18 of our cloud series, John Weston bemoans the mistakes one might make while suffering the effects of datacenter hypothermia.  “What?” I guess Texans don’t work well under 75 degrees Fahrenheit.    Read his post HERE. And if you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for… Read more