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Announcing: Taming Android and iOS with Enterprise Mobility Suite Jumpstart on MVA

On December 8, 2014 my friend Simon May and I recorded (while presenting live) a Microsoft Virtual Academy “Jumpstart” session all about how to manage iOS and Android devices with Microsoft solutions.  We divided the topic up into 4 modules, to introduce the topic and the fundamentals, as well as to cover iOS and Android… Read more

TechNet Radio: Success with Enterprise Mobility – Live Webcast Series Preview

In this episode I am honored to welcome back Microsoft Vice President Brad Anderson to the show.  We discuss his monthly upcoming live webcast series, “Success with Enterprise Mobility” , that kicks off on Tuesday, December 9th and concludes on March 3rd. Tune in as he gives us a preview of what he and his… Read more

What’s New in R2 – The Executive Interviews

A couple of months ago I had the privilege to interview Brad Anderson.  Brad is a Sr. VP at Microsoft, responsible for the System Center and Windows Server product lines.  So… “So this guy knows what he’s talking about?” Exactly.  As a companion to his blog – In the Cloud – we recorded these three… Read more

A New Blog Series: Why Windows Server 2012 R2

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since our last series wrapped up (“VMware or Microsoft?”), so it’s about time we started a brand new series of blog articles. “Who’s ‘we’?” A fair question.  The ‘we’ I’m talking about is the 11 Microsoft US DPE IT Pro Evangelists in these here 48 contiguous United States.  The… Read more

Our Serieses

What is the plural of Series?  (And how is it pronounced?)  Well.. that’s not so important.  What’s important is that we – the Technology Evangelists of Microsoft DPE in the U.S. have been busy busy bloggers these past several months.  You’ve seen many articles, and many links to articles and resources, and we sincerely hope… Read more

Build Your Private Cloud in a Month – The Complete April 2013 Series

In April of 2013 our team’s blogging focus was on how to build your Private Cloud.  I hope you found our articles informative, that you have downloaded your free System Center 2012 SP1 trial, your Windows Server 2012 evalution, and have started your Windows Azure FREE TRIAL. Here is our complete April 2013 series:  … Read more

Cloud-Based SCCM Distribution Point? Why yes! – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Welcome to another main installment of our “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”.  For those of you who are just now starting to follow along, make sure to start your FREE TRIAL of Windows Azure, so that you can follow along. Those of you who are familiar with System Center 2012, and in… Read more

(Episode 10) Windows 8: Deployment Options – Part 2

In this episode, Sr. Product Manager Michael Niehaus and I are back for Part 2 of our Deploying Windows 8 series, where we dive deeper into some of the more advanced tools to support more complex Windows 8 deployment scenarios. Download the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation today and test your applications, hardware and deployment strategies… Read more

(Episode 8) Windows 8: System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager – Mobility Support Overview

In this episode I welcome back Sr. Technical Product Manager Martin Booth for Part 2 of our System Center 2012 SP1 for Windows 8 series.  We discuss device support improvements made in Configuration Manager as well as improvements to support user mobility. Enjoy! Download the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation today and test your applications, hardware… Read more

Deploy Windows 8 Apps with System Center – Migration and Deployment (Part 16 of 19)

We’re in the home stretch!  It’s the last week in February, and we only have a few more days of our “Migration and Deployment” series of articles left.  And wrapping out our final four, we’re going to tackle the topic of Windows 8 applications.  What options do we have, and what infrastructure choices (or changes)… Read more