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SWMOAITP Charitable Downloads Terms and Conditions

About For each member of the SouthwestMissouri Chapter of the AITP (SWMOAITP) who downloads Window Server 2012 R2 orHyper-V 2012 R2 from the below links between 11/4/13 and 11/30/13, MicrosoftCorporation (“Microsoft”) will donate USD $2 to the Council of Churches of theOzarks (a 501c3 organization; see http://www.ccozarks.org).   Description When SWMOAITP members download WindowsServer, we’ll… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Destination: VMWorld!

The third week in our “VMware or Microsoft?” series is dedicated to VMworld; VMware’s big annual conference happening this week.  Like most of you, we anticipate that VMware will make some big announcements and new version or features known during the week, so it’s a great opportunity to see how they’ll attempt to keep pace… Read more

Watch This Space

My Central Region IT Pro Evangelist teammates and I are going to be delivering a series of 31 blog posts in October, all about Windows Server 2012.  Check back here on Monday at 8:00am Central Time for the introduction to and part 1 of our series. …and have a super weekend! … Read more

As I’m off to yet another VMUG…

“Seriously, Kevin?  Are you going to VMware User Groups now?” Yes, I am.  As an IT Professional, and as one who does his best to represent the IT Professional Community as a whole, I think it’s useful to keep in touch with as many technologies and as many other IT Pros as possible.  And sure,… Read more

Breaking News: It’s Here! Get the Windows 8 Release Preview!

What a nice surprise!  Today Microsoft announces the availability of the next pre-release of the new client PC operating system: the Windows 8 Release Preview.  More details here: Building Windows 8 Blog Announcement Windows 8 Release Preview Page — What do you think?  Let’s talk about your thoughts on this new milestone in the comments…. Read more

IT Manager Community Talk with Kevin – Why is Office 2010 going to be the best Productivity Platform?

“Yeah, Kevin.. what’s so cool about Office 2010?” Lots of things.  I sure don’t want to have to write them all up here; though I’m sure I will eventually.  But today, if you’re an IT Manager, and if you have time, you should definitely attend our IT Manager Community Talk , because I’ll be speaking… Read more

WAG – It’s like Bacon Flavored Dog Treats for the IT Professional

WAG = Windows Administrator Groups Last week I decided to try something new, and it’s catching on in a big way.  I wanted to create a new set of user groups for IT Administrators who primarily work with MIcrosoft Windows-based infrastructures.  So I came up with the acronym WAG.  I’m also a recent big fan… Read more

Do your kids know what YOU did today?

As a parent of four (count ‘em!  4) kids, three of whom are in High School or College, I think it’s great when someone provides easy-to-use resources for young adults to help them figure out what they want to do with their working lives in the near future.  So I’m thrilled to see this really… Read more

Toolbox for IT – Tools and Community

This is pretty cool.  There’s a huge online community of IT people growing.  It’s the “Toolbox for IT”.  There are forums, topics, whitepapers, blogging, Wikis… basically an entire Web 2.0 smorgasbord all centered around resources and networking for IT Professionals. Here’s a screen snippet (click to enlarge) of some of the topics – plus you… Read more

Did you know it’s “Computer Science Education Week”?

  “No, I didn’t know that.” I didn’t either… until just this morning when I received an e-mail about it.  Apparently December 6-12, 2009 is officially Computer Science Education Week.  And it’s about time, if you ask me. Microsoft Research has also joined the cause, and provided resources to encourage and support students in making… Read more