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What’s New for Active Directory in Server 2012 R2?

Active Directory.  You know it.  You love it.  You’ve loved it since it made its introduction back in Windows 2000 Server.  Over 90 percent of the world’s business IT relies on Active Directory for local user and machine management, authentication, policy application, and directory services.  And with every new version of a Windows Server product,… Read more

VMware or Microsoft? – The Complete Series

You asked for it, so here it is!  Here is the list of articles in our “VMware or Microsoft? series, as submitted by our team of IT Pro Technology Evangelists. UPDATE: The six weeks are over.  The series is complete.  Below is the entire list of articles! We hope you find these useful! Date Article… Read more

(Episode 18) Windows 8 Tips: Tweaks and Customizations

In part 6 of our Windows 8 Tips and Tricks series, Principal Technical Account Manager Lex Thomas and I show off some of the new kinds of customization options found in Windows 8. There’s never been a better time to build for Windows! Join the App Builder Program and learn about the Windows ecosystem opportunity,… Read more

I love these kinds of new-feature surprises (Office 2013)

Isn’t it fun when a new feature just shows up in front of you before you even knew about it?  I recently installed Microsoft Office 2013 on my production laptop, and was working on an outline of questions for an upcoming TechNet Radio show we’re recording in a couple of days.  When finished, I created… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Office Communications Server “14” now has a name…

Today Microsoft announced the name of it’s upcoming next version of OCS (Office Communications Server).  It’s Lync.  “Big deal.  What’s in a name?” Good point.  I guess the bigger news announced today would be that you can now download a Release Candidate of Lync, too.  UPDATE: Be warned that if you simply want to try… Read more

Kevin’s Angelbeat Event Resources (July 2010)

25%-OFF Special TechNet Plus Subscription Promotion – Yes, save nearly $100  off of a new TechNet Plus Direct Subscription!Use Promotion Code TNITQ404 (that’s 4-ZERO-4) at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/subscription   E-mail Technical Questions: Kevin Remde – Kevin.Remde@microsoft.com Feedback e-mail to my boss: Brian Moore – BriMoore@microsoft.com Follow Kevin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinRemde   “WAG” = Windows Administrator Groups (on… Read more

Allure Bays Corp: These Guys Get It. Do you?

Allure Bays Corp. (ABC) is an R&D company focused on next generation tools for presenting and communicating, collaborating through technology, and solving complex business intelligence problems.  ABC is the leader in their field and every day, the smartest minds from around the world walk through the doors at 2010 Office Blvd…. Read more

WAG – It’s like Bacon Flavored Dog Treats for the IT Professional

WAG = Windows Administrator Groups Last week I decided to try something new, and it’s catching on in a big way.  I wanted to create a new set of user groups for IT Administrators who primarily work with MIcrosoft Windows-based infrastructures.  So I came up with the acronym WAG.  I’m also a recent big fan… Read more

Want my business card?

http://gettag.mobi/ I’m having so much fun playing with Microsoft Tag.  Try it out on your smartphone.  (go to http://gettag.mobi) The software drives your phone’s camera to take a quick scan of the tag, and then does something with it, like open a web page, or download a vCard.  For example, the colorful tag above, when… Read more