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VMware or Microsoft?–Can I get an app with that?

How do you know that the application you want to run on a virtualized machine is actually supported to run on a virtual machine? “You ask the vendor?” Which vendor?  The virtualization vendor or the application vendor? “Umm… both.” It’s definitely a good idea to do that.  But there are some things to know, and,… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Are you experienced?

We start this new week of articles in our series, “VMware or Microsoft?” with a nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album and song, “Are you experienced”.  “Why?” Because whenever I hear the question, “are you certified?”, I think of professional certifications.  And when I think of professional certifications, I think of the experience that… Read more

New Windows Azure Trial and Subscription Rights – TechEd 2013 Favorites

At the keynote on Monday of TechEd NA (June 3), we made some pretty big announcements around how Windows Azure Trials and various subscription benefits would be changing. So for today’s edition of our “TechEd 2013 Favorites” series, I thought I’d briefly introduce you to some surprising changes to the options you have for “kicking… Read more

Tell your boss I said you should register for TechEd North America 2013. Now.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time already knows what a HUGE fan of the Microsoft TechEd conference I am.  And this year I am hoping to be there again.  (If you’re a Microsoft group who is looking for booth or lab proctor help, send me an e-mail!!!)  But whether I am… Read more

Windows Server 2012 “Early Experts” Challenge–Exam 70-410–Deploy and configure DNS service

As some of you may be aware, our team is in the process of documenting and referencing preparation materials for the certification exam 70-410: “Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012”.   In this article, my goal is to point you to learning resources around deploying and configuring DNS which falls under the “Deploy and Configure Core… Read more

It’s Friday: Time for a little bragging…

Today I took and passed the VMware VCP5 certification test. “Wait.. huh?!  You got certified on VMware?” Yes, I did.  I am now a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5.0.  The powers-that-be realize, as I and my teammates do, that it’s important to be well-versed in what’s happening in the real world datacenters; especially if… Read more

MCSE News Update: More Details

Immediately after my previous blog post about the new cloud-centric MCSE certifications, I received an instant message and an e-mail from the group responsible for it.  They thanked me, and then asked if I would please share some additional information.  So the following text comes directly from that e-mail: Move Your Career to the Cloud… Read more

Breaking News: New Microsoft Certs Align to Cloud–The MCSE is back!

Hot off the newswire: Today Microsoft announced some changes to the certification program for IT Professionals, in order to address the growing need for people being able to prove their expertise in all things cloud-related. “Wait.. you said that “the MCSE is back’.  Huh?!” That’s right.  What was the well-known “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer” acronym… Read more

Kevin’s “Being What’s Next in I.T.” Event Resources

As usual, here is the online version of the event resources I’ll be handing out to my central U.S. IT Camp Event attendees for the next several months.  It is likely that this online version is even better, because A) it contains even more than what I could fit onto one page, B) items may… Read more

And now for a little shameless bragging…

Good morning, all.  I interrupt the normal cadence of this blog to bring to you just a little bit of bragging.  And a challenge. “Oh great.. what did you do now, Kevin?” This week I’m in Seattle, Washington, attending Microsoft’s bi-annual internal technical training event, “TechReady” (TechReady 14 to be specific.)  One of the benefits… Read more