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VMware or Microsoft?–Does VMware get it?

Does VMware understand the value of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and have the ability to support your “Hybrid Cloud”?  And can they back up their service with a solid Service-Level Agreement comparable to Microsoft’s? Of course they can.  At least I think they can.  Do you think so?  Does Keith?  In today’s final article of our 6-week-long… Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 Preview Evaluations Are Now Available

Gentlemen, start your downloads!  (Ladies, too!) The previews for the “blue” wave of server products beat the estimated arrival dates (I thought we’d have to wait ‘til June 26th!) and became available late yesterday for TechNet and MSDN subscribers.  Those products include: Windows Server 2012 R2, and System Center 2012 R2. But, not only for… Read more

Migrating VMs from Hyper-V to Windows Azure – 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

One of the first questions that IT Pros have when considering using Windows Azure to host some (or all) of their company’s computing infrastructure is, “How do I move an existing virtual machine to the cloud?” “I was just about to ask that!” I bet you were. So, how does one take a virtual machine… Read more

Our Serieses

What is the plural of Series?  (And how is it pronounced?)  Well.. that’s not so important.  What’s important is that we – the Technology Evangelists of Microsoft DPE in the U.S. have been busy busy bloggers these past several months.  You’ve seen many articles, and many links to articles and resources, and we sincerely hope… Read more

Build Your Private Cloud in a Month – The Complete April 2013 Series

In April of 2013 our team’s blogging focus was on how to build your Private Cloud.  I hope you found our articles informative, that you have downloaded your free System Center 2012 SP1 trial, your Windows Server 2012 evalution, and have started your Windows Azure FREE TRIAL. Here is our complete April 2013 series:  … Read more

20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services – The Complete Series

As many of you may already know, this month my Microsoft US DPE Central Region teammates (Matt Hester, Brian Lewis, and Keith Mayer) and I are blogging about “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”.  Throughout this month I’ll be adding links, making any updates or changes.  So keep checking back for more, or… Read more

More Free Online Training on May 16 – Windows Azure for IT Professionals Jump Start

This is going to be good!  The folks at the Microsoft Virtual Academy are once again hosting a full-day online training event on May 16, 2013 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.  The title: Windows Azure for IT Professionals. Make Windows Azure Your Datacenter! This Jump Start will help you understand how you can use… Read more

Hey Saint Louis – I’m talking to YOU! (Microsoft IaaS Virtual Machine Bootcamp)

Our FREE “Microsoft IaaS Virtual Machine Bootcamp” events are happening around the central part of the U.S.  We’re delivering these for IT Professionals and Developers who are interested specifically in learning more about Windows Azure, as a globally scalable application platform, as an infrastructure for virtual machines, and as an extension of your datacenter into… Read more

Deploying VMs and Cloud Services – Migration and Deployment (Part 14 of 19)

Are you building a highly virtualized datacenter? “Yep.” Are you calling it a private cloud? “Of course.  Isn’t it?” No.  Well, at least not if virtualization is ALL you’re doing.  Part of the definition that Microsoft uses for a “cloud’ (which is based on the NIST definition found here) is that it support self-service.  Application… Read more

Migration and Deployment – The Full Series

In February of 2013, the US-based IT Pro Technology Evangelists wrote up 20 articles in our 19-part series, “Migration and Deployment”.  “Huh?  20 of 19?” Well.. I provided a series introduction in part 0.  (Don’t computer people always start counting at zero?)  But as it was just an intro, I didn’t think it needed to… Read more