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A clever attempt to infect…

Would this fool you?  Would it fool your one of your parents?  As IT Professionals we’re supporting our businesses in many areas, not the least of which being the area of cyber-security.  So we always have our eyes and ears open to things that look a little suspicious. And also, because we’re the supposed “experts”… Read more

How safe is my Windows Azure virtual machine? (So many questions. So little time. Part 50.)

In Saint Louis a couple of weeks ago at our Windows Azure IT Camp, Joe asked me this question: “When dealing with virtual machines and cloud for R&D. If during the process of researching you happen to download a contaminated file, can that file do harm to the actual machine that you are running? Wouldn’t… Read more

VMware or Microsoft?–Agents or no Agents?

One of the things VMware like to claim as a benefit to their protection of virtualization resources and application data is that they don’t require agents to be installed, where supposedly Microsoft requires agents everywhere.  But, is that entirely true?  And even if the approaches are a little different, who really has the advantage?  To… Read more