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How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Domain-Join the member servers (Part 3)

In the fourth part of our series we look at how to automatically join the three other virtual machines to the contoso.com domain, again using an custom extension in our Azure Resource Manager template. The series landing page on “Full of I.T.”: https://aka.ms/AZInfraLabBlog “The Links” document : https://aka.ms/AZInfraLabLinks Kevin’s GitHub lab base repository : https://aka.ms/AZInfraLabBase… Read more

A Future Look at Modern PCs

Join Marlowe Daily and I as we discuss what makes a modern PC, and peek into future hardware trends that are coming to market in the Windows device category. [1:26] How do you define an “old” PC? [3:34] So then, what’s a “modern” PC? [16:00] Are there things happening in the hardware market today that… Read more

How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Create a Domain Controller (Part 2)

It’s not enough just to create a new virtual machine.  Our lab environment requires a pre-configured domain, and so in part 2 we find and utilize and extension that automatically configures one of our virtual machines as the first domain controller in the lab “contoso.com” domain. The series landing page on “Full of I.T.”: https://aka.ms/AZInfraLabBlog… Read more

How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Working with JSON (Part 1)

In the second part of this series we discuss the components that make up the schema for JSON-based Azure Resource Manager templates.  We also look at some of the initial building blocks that our example creates, such as the networking objects and Azure storage required. The series landing page on “Full of I.T.”: https://aka.ms/AZInfraLabBlog “The… Read more

How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Introduction (Part 0 of 7)

In part 0, I introduce the purpose for this series, which is a walk-through of how I learned to automate the creation of an Azure-hosted lab environment (Storage, 4 VMs, network, NICs, etc.) using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.  I show the actual launch of the automation, discuss the various tools involved, and introduce the… Read more

Full of I.T. Video Series: Build an Azure lab using ARM Templates

Hey! How would you like to provision and then walk through some instructional hands-on labs on using Azure Resource Manager templates, using Azure Resource Manager templates? “Huh? You’re repeating yourself.” No, I’m not.  Not too long ago our team of US-based IT Pro Technical Evangelists delivered in-person events all about this topic.  The hands-on labs… Read more

OEMTV – Rise of the 2-in-1 PCs

Watch Marlowe Dayley and I discuss trends in 2-in-1 and convertible PCs.  Also see the latest designs first hand as we review new-to-market designs. [1:40] Anyone who is old enough to have used a computer for any length of time knows that PCs and the various devices we choose to do our “computing” on have… Read more

On Demand: The TechNet Virtual Conference 2016

What a week!  As I write this, it’s Friday March 4, 2016.. and my head is still spinning from all the terrific information I was able to take in during the March 1-3 Microsoft TechNet Virtual Conference 2016.  Several hours and sessions each day were devoted to topics that IT professionals and IT organizations care… Read more