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OEMTV – Rise of the 2-in-1 PCs

Watch Marlowe Dayley and I discuss trends in 2-in-1 and convertible PCs.  Also see the latest designs first hand as we review new-to-market designs. [1:40] Anyone who is old enough to have used a computer for any length of time knows that PCs and the various devices we choose to do our “computing” on have… Read more

Breakthrough Windows 10 Devices Changing the Education Landscape

Watch Marlowe Dayley and I as we showcase eight breakthrough devices that will change the way students and educators interact with technology. Learn how Microsoft and device partners are evolving IT in education as we know it through innovative form factors and features. [1:55] How would you summarize the needs of the typical school district… Read more

On Demand: The TechNet Virtual Conference 2016

What a week!  As I write this, it’s Friday March 4, 2016.. and my head is still spinning from all the terrific information I was able to take in during the March 1-3 Microsoft TechNet Virtual Conference 2016.  Several hours and sessions each day were devoted to topics that IT professionals and IT organizations care… Read more