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VMware or Microsoft? – A Memo to IT Leadership

Yung's memo to IT and business leadersSometimes we get lost in the details.  I confess that am guilty of this myself sometimes.  We who are the technical folks tend to focus on the features and implementation because we think we already understand the bigger picture.  But sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remind ourselves what it’s all about.  And if I’m a business or IT leader, it’s really the bigger picture that matters to me and the business that I am responsible for.

In today’s article in the “VMware or Microsoft?” series, my friend Yung Chou does a great job of outlining what it all means, reminds us of the basic building blocks, and reminds us of the answers to the following questions:

  • Is it just Virtualization, or a “Fabric”?
  • Are these templates, or an application architecture?
  • Are we responsible for servers, or services?
  • Are we all in-house, in-the-cloud, or some hybrid combination?