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20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services – The Complete Series

Get started with your Cloud Trial hereAs many of you may already know, this month my Microsoft US DPE Central Region teammates (Matt Hester, Brian Lewis, and Keith Mayer) and I are blogging about “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”.  Throughout this month I’ll be adding links, making any updates or changes.  So keep checking back for more, or keep watching my blog.  As before, I plan on adding my own blog post every day, either introducing the day’s topic, or providing the article myself.

UPDATE: It’s done!  Below is the complete list of series articles!


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That said, here are the articles!


Date Title/Topic Author
1-May Getting Started! Matt Hester@matthewhester
2-May Leveraging the Cloud  for Backing Up Your Data Matt Hester@matthewhester
3-May Step-by-Step: Tired  of Tapes? Backup your SQL Databases to the Cloud! Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
6-May Step-by-Step:  Accelerating the Cloud with “BranchCache” in Windows Server 2012 Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
7-May DR–Extend Active  Directory to the Cloud with Windows Azure Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_
8-May Replicate File Server  Content to the Cloud with DFS-R Matt Hester@matthewhester
9-May SQL Server 2012  AlwaysOn in the Cloud Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
10-May Extend Your Private Cloud with Windows Azure Virtual Networks and Windows Server 2012 Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
13-May SQL Database Mirroring to the Cloud Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
14-May Deploy a WebDAV File Server in the Cloud Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_
15-May Deploy Web Server Solutions in the Cloud Matt Hester@matthewhester
16-May Put Your ADFS in the Cloud Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
17-May Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
20-May Build a WordPress Blog on Windows Azure for FREE Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_
21-May Build a Disaster Recovery Plan Repository with WordPress Azure Web Sites for Free Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_
22-May Build a System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager Cloud Distribution Point Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
23-May Build a Windows 8 Developer Environment in the Cloud Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_
28-May Quickly Provision Dev/Test Environments with PowerShell Matt Hester@matthewhester
29-May Migrating VMs from Hyper-V to Windows Azure Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
30-May Migrating VMware VMs to Windows Azure Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
31-May Migrate VMs to Windows Azure from Amazon AWS Keith Mayer@KeithMayer

Useful?  I hope so!  Drop a line in the comments if you have a question or comment, please!