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Beyond IaaS – 31 Days of Servers in the Cloud (Part 21 of 31)

Beyond IaaS for the IT ProToday we have a guest author!

“Oh yeah?  Good.  I’m getting tired of you same bunch writing everything.”

Um.. okay… well, then you’ll be happy to see that today’s author is Bill Wilder

“Bill Wilder is a hands-on developer, architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud using the Windows Azure Platform.”

And his article – part 21 of our “31 Days of Servers in the Cloud”, is a very good answer to the ultimate question.

“I thought the answer to the ultimate question is ‘42’.”

No.. that’s the answer to the ultimate question “of life, the universe, and everything”.  Bill answers the ultimate question: Why is the cloud something I should consider as my platform (or infrastructure) of choice?  And in his answer, he does an excellent job of defining the question and the implications such a decision will entail.


And thanks, Bill, for contributing to the series!

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